Monday, 16 May 2011

What's Been Selling This Week?

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I've been sailing along on a sea of glyphs again but this week, I've added a lot more jewelcrafting/cut rare gems to my routine as well as the Leather Agility PVP sets. Cash received is up slightly and although my usual bit of maths tells me I spent 15000g to make 47000g profit, I happen to know that I've spent at least 6000g on gear upgrades for my Rogue & my Priest as well as a few extra pets to get my 75 pet achievement for my Paladin main.

I revisited the Mysterious Fortune Card market, as I do periodically & found it unattended for an afternoon. Usually I see people barking in trade & when I check prices, they are down around the 8-10g mark but on this particular afternoon, there were only about 20 listed in singles at 18g. I popped 20 singles & a few 3 & 5 stacks up for 17.50g & barked just once as I started my cancel/repost cycle. Normally this would have triggered a wave of other people listing their cards or trying to out-bark me but not on this day for some reason.

So I ramped up production & had the market almost to myself for maybe 2 hours. There were 2 other toons posting but only maybe 5 cards at a time just below mine so they obviously just wanted a little slice of the action :) Eventually the usual card players arrived on the scene & took the market straight back down to the 8g range. I could have toyed with them but I was getting bored anyway so I left them to it!

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago in my Cooking for Gold post, I've been selling the chocolate cookies for the new achievement You'll Feel Right As Rain. They are down to around 50g a stack but the profit margin is huge so I now have maybe 4 or 5 alts doing the Stormwind cooking daily to get the bag of Imported Goods.

I'm still selling various enchanting rods, low-mid level leatherworking items, some enchanting scrolls & the low-ish level engineering pets but they are fairly slow to move & although the profits are fantastic on them, they don't make huge numbers so they don't make it to my top page.

I've had several comments & mails asking which addon I use to show my sales each week so I thought I'd pop it here to answer everyone at the same time :) It's a simple addon called MySales which you can download from It's really easy to set up & you can track individual alts, all alts per server/faction, by different time spans or for all time. the two commands I use are /ms config & /ms window & I click on the column header to change the sort order & that's pretty much it.

Hope you find these posts interesting - I often wonder if they make good reading for you guys but as I enjoy them on other blogs, I hope you guys like them too.


  1. Thanks for keeping this blog going man. Noticed it on TUJ a few weeks back and have been hooked whenever it shows. I am always timid about diversifying my markets and you really give me guidance on what to move into!


  2. Thanks for your comment - I'm not planning on going away anytime soon, I just hope I can keep the content going for you :) Glad it's helping too.

  3. Love the 'what sells' type posts. It lets me get an idea on how other server markets work, and I can follow your example, watching my MySales list to see what's working for me!

    Keep up the great blogging. :)

  4. I think the fact that the site is linked on theunderminejournal says enough :)

    This is a great blog nev, it encourages much thought and discussion among me and my goblin friends. It's part of my regular reading - keep it up!

    - Трудно

  5. Agreed. I can't remember if I found your site on WoW Insider or Kaliope but I really enjoy it.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Thanks for naming the addon, I was browsing back posts hoping you'd cite it! It's oooooh purty!


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