Monday, 4 November 2013

Journal of Marcus Ty Podcast 16 & EGP

So just before I jetted out to see my fella, I recorded episode 16 of the Journal of Marcus Ty podcast with Marcus as he was jetting off to USA too! We had a great time as always & I think the show came out pretty good even if it is best described as organised chaos!

This post is a little late but we talked about Hallow's End, the Sky Golem mount (again!), Noodle Carts and fishing. The usual waffle on random side topics as I wander off to storytelling and Marcus reigns me in, back to topic!

Show Notes

  • Our week in WoW
  • What goals we set ourselves when we log in
  • Crafting & selling the Sky Golem mount - should we or shouldn't we?
  • Changing Markets, regular markets & old faithful markets
  • Hallow's End - what I love & hate about it!
  • Marcus finds Ben of the Booming Voice & goes fishing
  • More Noodle Cart & Pandaren Cooking chat
  • Our Markets of the week
As usual, you can find the show on iTunes or Stitcher or you can go directly to the website at Wow Gold Journal and listen from there. If you enjoy the show, please feel free to leave a review on iTunes or give us a thumbs up on Stitcher - we'll send hugs by return :)

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

  • Contact Marcus Ty on Twitter @MarcusTy
  • Contact Nev on Twitter @NevAHaddict
  • Email Marcus at

If you don't know, Marcus has written a very extensive gold guide and is working on updating it all the time. I've been an affiliate of his for a long while now as I believe it is one of the best gold making guides out there. You can get more details at his Auction House Secrets site. It's not for experienced gold makers of course but if you're just starting out, you will find it very helpful and there's a 60 day money back guarantee too!

Guest Spot on EGP

Also last week, I guested on Episode 70 of EGP which usually releases on a Monday evening so that would be today's episode. It's become a bit of a habit to turn up on their show when I'm visiting my fella as the time zones work out! Sadly, I can't stay up until 2am to record when I'm in the UK (although I used to, before I got a job!).

I love the show & I get on well with Cold & Rez but it was a big fangirl moment for me to finally get to talk to Nonmail! I don't think I squeee'd too loudly! The guys used me as a guinea pig for their new gameshow segment & we all had a good laugh - will be interesting to listen back to it for me as I was concentrating so hard, I missed a lot! I usually have to listen to the show 2 times just to catch the bits I miss anyway - imagine trying to play a gameshow whilst corralling a needy cat & not using your own PC set up! I loved it anyway & I hope the show is as good as usual, even with my girlie-ness calming down the boys!

I'll be heading home at the end of the week so hopefully, normal service will be resumed here then. I still have some Saturday Celebrations/Milestone Interviews lined up so it won't be totally dead here at least. Hope you enjoy the shows, I love guesting so if anyone wants me - just shout!

Have a good week peeps! mwah!


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