Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Nev's Top 5 Pre-vacation Goldmaking Preparation Tips

I'm off on my travels again shortly & I probably won't be able to access my EU World of Warcraft account which is where all my main goldmaking activities occur. So I've been slowly making preparations to continue making gold whilst I'm away & thought I'd share a few of my Top Tips with you.

Top Tip #1 - Get the Remote Auction House App

If you have a smart phone, download the WoW Armory app - Remote Auction House access is now free & although you can only do 200 transactions per account per day, it's still very very useful. If you don't have a smart phone but will have internet access, you can access it online at Just log into your battlenet account, choose your character from the top right hand corner drop down list then scroll down & you should see a 'My Auctions' section.

Top Tip #2 - Check & Tidy Your Mailboxes

Check your mail boxes on all your alts. You may have mail due to expire whilst you are on vacation & you don't want to lose anything valuable (I speak from experience, I lost 2 Epics last year when I took an unexpected break). If you don't have space in your bank, you can just send it to another alt, it will stay there for 30 days then bounce back to the sending alt & be safe there for a further 30 days.

It's a good idea to empty as much as possible from your mailbox though, especially on your banker - partly because you could lose some stuff but also because it does make the RAH a little bit easier to use. If your mailbox is full, you can only see those items & will have to relist the first 50 items to get to the next lot. With a 200 transaction limit, that can be a right royal pain in the derriere!

Top Tip #3 - Sort Out Bank Access

If you use a banker with your own personal guild and keep stuff to sell in that guild bank - be aware it is not accessible via the Remote Auction House. I've put most of my glyphs & gems into the bankers Guild bank as I have plenty of other stuff to sell. Any items that I pull in & out of the guild bank to sell are now in my bankers personal bank - that IS accessible via RAH.

Top Tip #4 - Tidy Your Bags

Tidy your bags! If you're anything like me, you probably carry around all sorts of useful stuff (*cough*) whilst out questing. My banker is overflowing with stuff so I've had a tidy up in some of my crafting alts bags so I can use those for overflow.

Top Tip #5 - Craft Everything

Craft like crazy before you go. You know which markets are making you the most gold, use that knowledge. If it's gems or glyphs then you may have to change tack a little. Posting those without addons is not only painful but cancel/relisting is not likely to be posssible given the 200 a day limit. I'd suggest looking at crafting leg armors, spellthreads, shoulder enchants, other enchants, flasks & potions, belt buckles & tinker's gears at least, depending on which professions you have.

I've also been able to craft a few Epic armor items on my Leatherworker & I've picked up a few cheap pets on a different server to sell on my home server. I've also bought some 100 Year Old Soy sauce with my Ironpaw Tokens as they do sell albeit slowly sometimes. If you have alchemy & Ghost iron ore is cheap, then don't forget to check Living Steel - there is still profit there on some servers. If Living Steel doesn't look too profitable or you can't resist listing it as soon as you make it (like I do!) then pre-craft trillium bars - not quite as profitable as Living Steel on my server but pre-crafted means I can sell a whole heap of them whilst I'm away.

Bonus Top Tip 

Remove cats (or dogs or whatever pet has decided to take up residence or to help you pack) from suitcase! Not only will you get more in your suitcase, you aren't going to run foul of any animal import regulations!

I hope this helps. I'd be interested to know if you have any pre-vacation tips to add so feel free to leave a comment below. Happy travels


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  1. Excellent Advice!!! I would suggest getting a mobile authenticator for use with the remote AH on a cell phone as well as adding the SMS protect option on your for added protection.


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