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Selling Level 83-85 Green MoP Armor to Cataclysm Levelers

I've been kind of slacking lately with my professions. I finally got my Blacksmith maxed late last week & over the weekend, I decided it was time to sort out my Enchanter's mailbox & bags. Almost every green armor drop I've picked up whilst leveling 3 alts through Pandaria has been mailed to her so after sorting out all the non-MoP stuff, I tackled the green armour.

Where to start was my first thought! I had item level 364's, 377's, 384's, 390's & some 400+'s too & no idea which of them were disenchant fodder & which were saleable. My first stop was Cold's excellent post about stat weight priorities by armor type & which ones to try to sell. It has some great information but I wanted a quick & easy fix for bulging bags & I just wasn't in the frame of mind to tackle such a detailed sorting out. I've bookmarked it for future reference though & will be streamlining my Trade Skill Master auctioning groups based on his post.

Green Armor ilvl 364
Green Armor ilvl 377
Green Armor ilvl 384-390
For now, I initially created a TSM auctioning group for each item level & popped in some basic amounts for my Threshold & Fallbacks. I then went to the auction house as if I was going to post them - just to see what the prices were like for each group & whether a broad brush approach would work. One thing became obvious quite quickly - the item level 400+'s weren't selling for very much at all. This was my gut instinct anyway as I've found so much gear from drops & quest rewards that I've not needed to buy anything from the Auction House.

The screenshots above show which items I currently have in which groups. As I pick up new stuff, I'll just add them to the auctioning group & forget about them! The item level 364's are for level 83 alts, the item level 377's are for level 84's & the item level 384 & 390's are for level 85's. Now these were quite nicely priced - definitely way above any disenchanting value so I kept these armor pieces & disenchanted any of the others in my bags.

Off I went back to the Auction House & ran my usual post cycle, including these armor items. I've set the 364's at 199g, the 377's at 225g & the 384/390's at 249g for now - just to test the market. I've also set them only to list for 24 hours to keep the deposit price down. When I came back the next day, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised - 9 pieces had sold overnight for a princely sum of  just over 2000 gold!

MySales screenshot of Sales for Green Armor
Now I know that's not such a huge amount but bear in mind that this stuff was destined to be disenchanted so actually, I'm glad I spent a bit of time sorting through it all. I've also put gear to one side for my 3 remaining alts who have yet to start their leveling. All three of them weren't very geared by the end of Cataclysm & are my weakest alts too so having a whole bunch of upgrades to start Jade Forest with should make my life a bit easier when the time comes!

Over time I may very well end up buying green armor in these categories if they are priced very cheaply. This is a definite possible replacement market (or addition, depending on your server) for the level 77-80 green armor sales which on my server at least, seem to have almost disappeared completely for now.

I also leveled my enchanting a bit & although I only made the very cheapest enchants to do so, I have been quite pleased with those sales too but that's a story for another post! Have you had much luck in this armor market? How is the level 77-80 Cata greens market doing on your server? Would love to hear your thoughts so you know the score - leave a comment below or maybe tweet me @nevahaddict.


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  1. I'm able to move my 83-84 greens at roughly double the prices you seem to be getting. Market has been good for me on my medium (but really low) pop server.

    Having fantastic luck with 80-84 blues as well. I've been collecting them since I had one drop for me day one of MoP. They were significantly cheaper when people were dumping them thinking they were Cata level rather than MoP level, but right now I grab any I find for 1K and under and flip them for 3K and up. I price 80 and 84 higher than 81-83 with Hats with Meta Slots and Weapons going for slightly more than the other armor pieces.

    77-79 greens sell, but given the size of the server there aren't many to flip. With that in mind, I have been moving a decent number of the JC blue proc necks and rings (jasper and alicite I think?).

    Personally I stay away from 85 greens as I feel they overlap with the crafted 85 gear (I sell the crafted blues procs pretty regularly). I also keep away from 80 cata greens as the 80 MoP blues cover those folks.

  2. I haven’t got into the MoP 83-84 Green market as yet.
    I am still making a good return from Cata 77-79 Greens and the MoP >i409 Blues.
    Just don’t have the AH time available at the moment to get into another market and don’t want to drop anything right now to get into Mop 83-84 Greens...

  3. I don't think everyone knows about the Adventuring Supplies vendors that sell you a complete starting set for your toon.

  4. Nice work Nev. I did try my hand in the blue flipping market for a bit, but the sales 'value' on these items made them an overlooked option for most levellers.

    Greens around the 200-300 mark though can fill a gap nicely in gear and not be too heavy on the hip pocket, so I'll definitely have to check this out as a potential market for an alt over the weekend.

    Thanks for the post Nev, good info!


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