Saturday, 1 December 2012

Nev's Daily To-Do List - Downloadable!

Nev's Daily To Do List
Following on from my Improve Your Goldmaking in WoW post a few days ago, I thought I'd share my Daily To-Do list with you. I've transferred it to Google Docs for ease of sharing but I've made it only viewable. Having read a bit more about how Google Docs works, you should still be able to download a copy for yourself but it means that any random edits won't mess up the basic document for others. If you can't download it, let me know either here in comments or perhaps on Twitter @NevAHAddict & I'll have a look to see what's wrong!

So if you'd like a copy, just pop over to Nev's Daily To-Do List & grab it from there. I hope it's fairly self-explanatory - you can add columns for more alts, add rows for other stuff you do regularly or delete stuff you don't do at all.

Bear in mind that this is based on my routine - I may have more time than you or just think in a completely different way & that's ok. The idea here is to make a list that is useful to you so you don't get swamped by all the options - just work down your list & you'll be accomplishing stuff whilst you decide what mood you are in for playing today. I sometimes find that once I've done my banking, I just want to kick back & do something easy like Pet Battles or I may have a bee in my bonnet about finishing a zone or getting to that next level.

Have I missed something that you think is important or useful to others? Let me know - I tend to get distracted easily so having a list works for me but I'm sure there are other things I probably didn't even think of!

I've kind of fallen in love with the ease of sharing files via Google Docs & am working on some more spreadsheets for you. If there are any particular things you would like to see on a spreadsheet, let me know & I'll see what I can do.


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  1. Wow... if I had more time after work that checklist would be perfect. Good checklist though.

    1. It looks longer than it takes really - well the AH stuff anyway. Dailies I do when I feel like it as I'm still struggling with my Pally a bit :( I take maybe 30 mins max to do the AH stuff & another 20 mins or so for the lowbie farms. After that, it's do what I can in my remaining time :)


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