Friday, 21 December 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Giveaway Winners

Birthday Giveaway Results
Well that week went by quickly! Here we are at the start of my 3rd year blogging here & my first post for year 3 is to announce the winners of the Giveaway.

I had a few entries but sadly only 5 from the EU region so I generated a bank of random numbers & am giving the prize to the 'number' that showed up most frequently.
Random Numbers generated for EU winner
As you can see if you want to check for yourself, number 3 appeared 15 times in the generated table so Congratulations to @jay376 on Twitter! Thank you for the retweets & your support. Let me know which of the Blizzard Store pets you would like & I'll get that to you as soon as possible.

For my US/Aus friends, there were a few more entries but I decided to do the same again - generate a table & count to see which one turned up most. This was much closer result with 4 numbers tying for 2nd place but by just 1 point, my US winner is @peasap also from Twitter. Congratulations to you & again, let me know which pet you would like & I'll get that to you soon.

Random Numbers generated for US winner

So that just leaves the Cinder Kitten up for grabs. I really enjoyed hearing your stories about which pet you'd choose, what you would name it & why. At first, a couple of the references didn't mean much to me but once I found the video link, I have to give the Cinder Kitten prize to @SgtBinary - comparing Richard Simmons to Lil XT is just hilarious as I had no idea who Richard Simmons was(is?)!

So there we go! Time for me to get my debit card out & send some pets around the world. I have a standby plan if I have problems buying from the US store so no worries there :) I just hope I can resist buying them all for myself at the same time! I still have Xmas presents to buy! lol

image © david.dames under Creative Commons licence

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