Monday 10 December 2012

My Best & Worst Markets in MoP

For this months blogging carnival over at Cold's Gold Factory, Cold has asked us another interesting question. Unfortunately I think my answer is probably not going to be particularly informative as I have been focused mainly on leveling, dailies & yes, dungeons! But never mind, it's still valid & I'm pretty sure many of you have probably found the same markets as I have.

BEST and WORST Markets So Far In MoP

Tell us about your favorite, most profitable, or most consistent market in the MoP era of WoW Gold Making. Then, tell us about a market that you've abandoned, has crashed, or has just plain been a flop. What are your best and worse WoW auction house markets so far in Mists?

My Best Market in MoP

For me, with all the leveling & dailies, my best market that has almost taken care of itself is the vegetables from my farms & any cooking materials I've been picking up whilst out in the world. I haven't been paying close attention to the Auction House & I haven't been crafting much at all to sell so my banker is just selling off any green armor/weapon drops & other random stuff that drops of mobs. My MySales statistics are abysmal! With just 5000 gold in sales last week, I'm not sure I should even be writing a gold blog right now! But in my defence, I haven't been playing much either so from just logging in & relisting what I do have in the mail, that's not so bad, right?

Looking through the MySales statistics though, it's very obvious to me that vegetables, meats & fish are my best sellers. I only went half way down the list to get the numbers but I've made almost 12,000 gold since early October. I know that doesn't sound like much but most of my farm produce has gone to my Main alt to level my Cooking in all the Ways. I finally finished that last week & now I'm in full production on 4 baby farms (4 x 4plots) producing various vegetables each day.

The other nice surprise when I looked at MySales was just how much gold I made from some of the items I cooked to get skill points - almost 2000 gold just from the last few items like Chun Tian Spring Rolls, Sea Mist Rice Noodles & Banquet of the Steamer.

My Worst Market in MoP

Well, I have to say it - glyphs! I'm sure if I was paying attention, relisting 3-4 times a day etc like I used to, that this market could be better but with so many glyphs under 25g each, I've kind of lost interest in it. I can craft a glyph one day based on current market price of say 200g & then the next day, some nice person (thru gritted teeth) has relisted theirs for 15g or 20g. I have almost 1000 glyphs that I just can't seem to move & the numbers aren't going my way at all.

I'd be very surprised to find that I'm making any gold at all with glyphs right now especially when I compare it to pre-MoP days. Just pop back to my Nev's Glyph Strategy post from earlier in the summer & look at those prices!

I've always been a glypher in my gold-making - glyphs probably accounted for over 60% of my 1million although I can't be sure as I lost all my data before I could analyse it (arrrgghhh!).

Where Next?

So once I'm done with all my alts, leveling, dailies, rep grinds, dungeons etc, I'm going to have to find a different way to make my gold. I've been a bit spend happy recently - mounts especially towards the end of the summer - but I'm well below 500k now & I don't like it much!

I'm looking at the Flask market right now after moving my main farm over to Enigma Seeds for the Golden Lotus harvest but having looked at my Cooking results for the best market section above, I think perhaps I should keep an eye on the Banquet market too. It goes without saying that vegetables are still in my plans but over time, I'm sure that market will saturate too & I will have to move on to something else to make good gold.


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  1. My best market:
    A toss up between Contender Cloth PvP gear - make for 25g each (Windwool cloth goes for around 1g each on my Server) and sell for 299g each or flipping >= ilvl 409 weapons.

    My worst market:
    Alchemy Potions - the markup on my server is just so small that it's not worth the effort involved.

  2. Glyphs are definitely my worst market just in terms of comparison to prior expansions. I am still selling them because the materials are cheap and profits from a 100-200g sale are enormous in terms of percentage, and listing/relisting is cheap. But I've stopped restocking aggressively because you have to fight so tooth and nail just to sell anything. I know some people still make their bread and butter from glyphs but it seems like this market is dying without changes. After two expansions people have largely accumulated every glyph they want on everything but new alts; as an example, Monk glyphs have been by far the most reliably profitable glyphs. Just not sure if it's worth the canceling/recanceling efforts going forward.

    Second most disappointing market has been cut gems. These have been iffy for a while, but it's surprising how many cuts have plummeted on my server to only a small fraction of the uncut gems, worse than ever before and even many of the big money cuts hover close to the uncut gem prices.

    Not a "market" per se, but I've also been disappointed with the profitability of transmute spec alchemy in this expansion. Unlike the past two expansions where you had an easy "give me gold" daily cooldown, Living Steel profits are on razor margins and if I have an unlucky day with zero procs (either on GI to trillium or subsequent LS) it's frequently a loss.

    My best markets are Darkmoon cards for profit, and enchanting mats for volume. Nothing really to be said here, these are well known markets.

    The most pleasant surprises have been tailoring and, more recently, flasks. Tailoring craftables are not exactly hotcakes, but they are VERY cheap to make. Especially recipes based on the daily cooldown. For around 80g worth of cloth I make a cooldown cloth that averages out to at least around 1k of value for the craftables. With golden lotuses going down, flasks have also become a good market since 5.1, really for the first time since Wrath. Because of the aforementioned disappointment with transmute spec I respecced one of my two alchemists to elixir and have been making a nice clip on flasks.

  3. My best market hasbeen the darkmoon faire quest turn in items... I got stick with a huge stock at the end of cata, however supply has virtually dried up, and items that i was hard pressed to sell for 20g are now selling for hundreds with virtually no competition... Definitely the biggest surprise of the expansion for me

  4. Glyphs are not the cash cow they used to for me due to a lot of competition and little demand. However I intend to keep at because it's been part of my routine for so long. I will weather the changes as I always have.


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