Thursday, 13 December 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday AH Addict! Competition Time!

Birthday Giveaway - AH Addict is nearly 2
With Auction House Addict hitting two years old next week & coinciding with Blizzard's pet sale, I thought I'd run a little competition here to celebrate.

I started writing here as a diary for one of my little side projects but to be honest, that didn't make for very good reading & I got very bored of writing it too so I turned to more general gold making topics. It's been an interesting couple of years, made new friends in game & on twitter, talked to lots of different people via comments here & even managed to guest on several episodes of PowerWord:Gold podcast, played AoE trivia against Rewt on Hearthcast & most recently, met Rez & Cold on Eviscerated Gaming Podcast.

It's been a fabulous ride so far, even with a few breaks here & there. I'm looking forward to many more, especially now as I seem to have hit my stride a bit & visitor numbers are climbing! I don't write just for the numbers but it does give me a boost to think so many of you visit to read. Please don't tell my old English teacher that I'm writing voluntarily though, she'll have a heart attack! I was a maths & science girl at school & my English essay homework was always my most hated & usually most delayed subject!

Anyway, down to business! What sort of competition & what are the prizes?


Well I have both an EU & US account so I'm going to be offering  a pet of your choice from the Blizzard Pet Store (NOT including the Cinder Kitty) & there will be 2 winners - one from EU & one for USA.

I know it's not a superduper mega prize but 1 overall winner will be chosen from the comments here - name your new pet & the reason that makes me giggle or groan the most will win a Cinder Kitty - the newest & possibly the cutest pet in store & of course, it's a charity pet too.

How to Enter

1) Starting today, retweet this post & use #AHAgiveaway = 1 entry per twitter account (I don't want to encourage tweetspamming!)

2) Leave a comment here telling me which pet you'd choose, which region (US/EU) & what will you name your pet & why? Each comment = 1 entry

3) Overall winner will be the comment that makes me giggle or groan the most! So choose your wished for pet & get your thinking caps on & you could win a Cinder Kitty. (If you want to make a naughty joke, keep it clever please, pure filth will be disqualified & deleted, no matter how much it makes me laugh!)

Choosing a Winner

I'll keep two lists (EU/US) of everyone who comments and/or retweets & allocate a number to each. Using a random number generator, I'll get 2 numbers & those will be the pet winners. The Cinder Kitty will be awarded by my choice, once I stop giggling.

Closing Date

Closing date is 6am Friday 21st December GMT - that will be 5am for most of Europe & about midnight Thursday for Eastern & Mid USA.

So there you go - yet another competition/giveaway running right now. If you're on Twitter & aren't seeing loads of Cinder Kitty giveaways in your feed, you should follow some of my peeps - my feed is full of homeless Cinder Kitties right now :P But if you want a chance at some really nice prizes, pop over to Cold's Gold Factory - his 3rd birthday giveaway has TCG pets, mounts & in-game mounts as prizes.

I look forward to reading your comments - just keep it clever peeps xxx

Image © Will Clayton under Creative Commons licence


  1. Lil' XT (US-Region)
    I started to raid seriosuly back in Wrath of the Lich King, and my first serious attempts at bosses was between Naxxramas and Ulduar. Out of all the bosses in those two raids, XT-002 Deconstructor is the one that always makes me giggle. The memories of my first raiding guild in Vent stating "Time to take down Richard Simmons" and all the quotes he made. Then of course this: (The MrVoletron Remix).

    Because of this, Lil' XT would bring me lot's ove enjoyment.

    1. I forgot to name Lil'Xt, Richard.

    2. Oh and I would name the CinderKitten "Nero" (After my cat's name, who is named after the Roman Emperor)

  2. Well I would name my pet Splat! Especially if it was a cat, I had a cat called Snowy when i was a kid and she got run over, hence, Splat!

    1. awwww! I had a friend with a cat called Fingers - cos it had 6-7 toes on each foot!

  3. Id choose Lil'XT - eu
    Theres always been something abt xt, in my first guild when we managed to finally get a kill (yes we were all noobs back then and it seemed hard) we absolutely screamed our heads off. Next came when I started soloing bosses in cata, xt10 was the boss that was like hard hitting and I needed to time all my cdowns in order to bring him down and that was like an amazing moment when I first managed it. Now in mop I have soloed xt 10heroic mode and xt25. Both kills were some of the hardest solos I have ever done and it has made me feel great when I finally got them down, until I remembered that I needed to do xt25 again next week for my fragments, oh the pain to think I have to go through a huge wipe fest once more :(.
    For this reason I would definitely name my xt pet wipe fest after all the troubles and amazingness this little guy would be worth. God I could go on for hours talking about how amazing the pet is and all the fun and excitement the boss has caused

  4. Lil' Ragnaros (US), He also functions as a walking campfire, i do not understand how there can be any other choice :S. Obviously, i will name him Abesik Campfire.

  5. Happy Two Years Nev!!! #myhero

  6. Soul of the Aspects (US Region)
    I probably won't name the little guy, I'm not really into that, but if I ever get a cat IRL, as I intend to once I get my own place, I'm gonna name him Schrodinger. I'm not a nerd at all :P

  7. Gratz on 2 years! Thats an awesome achievement in itself - I can only hope I make it that far :)

  8. Congratz on 2 years, Nevvie!!

    1. thank you sweetie! can't believe it's been 2 yrs already tho!

  9. I want lil rag. I would name him syphillis cause he burns.


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