Saturday, 29 September 2012

White Kitten - Quick Gold Making for PvP'ers

White Kitten, Quick Gold making for PvP'ers

As part of my continuing series of quick gold making tips for PvP'ers, I'm going to link you back to an old post of mine - Lil Timmy & the White Kitten. In that post, I notice I said the kitten sells for 150 gold each but of course, that was long before Pet Battles were on the horizon & that was also the sale price only on the Alliance side.

I've just checked The Undermine Journal for updated figures & it seems my server is a very special place! The Cat Carrier (White Kitten) is still selling at an average price of 150 gold whereas the EU average is almost 400 gold. Out of curiosity, I also checked the horde side as this kitten is found only from this NPC in Stormwind - my server average on horde side is about 800 gold & across the EU Horde, the average is around 1400 gold!

Now that Pet Battles & the Pet Journal are available in game, it's even easier to transfer this White Kitten between factions - just learn it then log to the character that is going to sell it, enter the Pet Journal & cage the little beastie - hey presto, one free faction transaction without Neutral Auction House costs or risks!

The downside to this cute little kitten though is that it's not one of the rare types of pets. It's too early to tell how the new Battle Pets prices will change but this will always be an attractive pet for pet collectors. I've leveled mine a bit just for fun & have listed it on the Auction House. It's the only Battle Pet listed with some levels on it but with the current Battle Pets category still bugged on the Remote Auction House app & with some of the auction house addons still not working properly, I've not seen even a sniff of interest yet.

This is a great tip for Alliance PvP'ers (and anyone else really but fits well here!) as you can park yourself near the Jewelcrafting Trainer in Stormwind & spam a target macro to find Timmy. In the 2-5 minutes between battlegrounds, you shouldn't get too bored & as his spawn timer is between 1-3 hours, it really is just an off chance that you'll find him but if you think about what you would normally do in those few minutes, then decide whether spamming a target macro is worthwhile.

Now before anyone goes off the deep end & says this is a waste of time or a useless tip - remember! I'm not suggesting you spend hours spamming that macro, I'm not suggesting this is the best way to make gold for everyone, I'm just pointing out one quick little thing that PvP'ers can do to improve their chances of making gold without using up valuable Battleground time :)

Image Credit © *Shanghai*Sparkles* on Flickr under Creative Commons Licence

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