Wednesday, 19 September 2012

New Series - Quick Gold Making Tips for PvP'ers

Several times over the last few months, I've got chatting to various PvP'ing guild mates of mine. Initially, I kept quiet in guild about my gold making but as guildies became friends, I opened up a bit so I often advise them in small ways on the AH and various other bits & pieces. The one thing my PvP friends all seem to have in common, besides an unending thirst for killing Horde is that they are all virtually broke most of the time.

They can make gold if they have to, especially if saving up for a new bit of gear but to do so, they stop their PvP activities & do some daily grinding or farming until they have enough gold. I've tried many times to explain some basic gold making but almost with out exception, their answer has been 'that sounds complicated' or 'that's gonna takes forever'.

So I was sitting here quietly today & it hit me - I should do a small series of 5-10 minute gold making tips - little bits that over time will add up but most importantly, can fit in those 5 minute gaps between battlegrounds! I've added a tab at the top of the page so over time, it will provide quick access to any tips I think fit in this category as well as the new posts I'm planning for you.

Today's quick tip then is to install Auctionator if you don't already have it. I'll show you how to set up a basic shopping list of some nice bits to snatch for reselling in my next post. You could use Auctioneer or TSM of course but I haven't used Auctioneer for a while now & TSM can get a bit complicated if you're not really into Auction House stuffs!

If you are a PvP'er & want to know anything in particular, just leave a comment or you can email me on or tweet me on @nevahaddict if you prefer. Or of course, if you want to share your own 5 minute tip - I'd love to hear those as well.


  1. Have you started making the videos or are you still looking for more responses? I primarily do PvP. I server transferred to play with some friends to a very high population realm and was thrown into the AH there with little knowledge of the server economy. I transferred over with 20k. My wife moved one of her toons as well. After getting established over there (and financially supporting her as well) I was down to about 3k.

    I used to make my money buying low priced greens and Disenchanting them. On my low pop server, this was taking me about 1-1.5 hours a day buying/DE/listing. This included the scans (Auctioneer always let me do the GetAll scan there) but on my new server it was taking way too long since the number of auctions listed exceeded the GetAll capability. Some nights I would wait for the scan to complete, and since it was a large server I ended up making 9-10 trips to the mailbox to get all the stuff, DE and list. While it was somewhat profitable and steady guaranteed income, I needed to do something else. It was about this time that Transmog was introduced. My wife had a set she wanted to transmog. We farmed for it for weeks (world drop Vanguard Chest) and had no luck. Only one on the AH was way too expensive. During the farming, I had gotten some Glorious Legs and sold them for a hefty profit... And I was hooked. Began scanning daily in the AH for under priced stuff. Then a friend pointed me to UndermineJournal (with instruction that I was not to use it on the server that we both played The rest is history. In 2 months I made 190k, and only spent 20k in the AH buying the pcs to flip. I have since started playing with TSM and the modules, tweaking it to suit my needs.


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