Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Shake That Salt Shaker - Engineers Get Groovy!

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Just a short post today as I'm away from home & can't access my main account. I will resume my weekly sales updates once I return home again though.

One of the nifty gadgets that Engineers can make is the Salt Shaker. It requires an engineering skill of 250 & is usable only by Leatherworkers with a skill level of 250. This came to my attention whilst I was writing the Engineering pets posts recently. The Tranquil Mechanical Yeti requires Cured Rugged Hide in its' making & part of the process of curing is to refine deeprock salt.

Salt Shaker Materials

1 Mithril Casing = 3 Mithril Bars = 3 Mithril Ore
6 Thorium Bars = 6 Thorium Ore
3 Gold Power Core = 1 Gold bar = 1 Gold Ore

The salt shaker originally had a cooldown but that was removed & now the only limit to how much refined deeprock salt you can make is how much deeprock salt you can source. It's not the most widely used material but the drop rate is fairly low so I'd say your best source will be the Auction House over time.

Cured Rugged Hides are used in level 60 Epic & Rare armors including the Black & Blue Dragonscale sets. I'm not sure if these are good mogging items as I haven't kept up with mogging trends but you should be able to see from your own servers data on The Undermine Journal.

As I mentioned above, the main use I can see for cured rugged hide is in manufacturing the Mechanical Yeti. So with the salt shaker, I can therefore make money in several ways

  • As a LW'er, I can hoard as much deeprock salt as possible & refine it for sale to other leatherworkers
  • As a LW'er, I can snatch up rugged hides to cure & also sell to other leatherworkers or engineers
  • An an Engineer, I can make Salt Shakers & sell to leatherworkers

The other good thing about the Salt Shaker is that many Engineers forget about them once they level past 250 but the salt shaker can give skill points all the way up to 290 (altho it goes green at 280, so probably hard work to get those last few points this way). If you make a few at 250 & find they sell on your server, then why not make a few extra, get the skill points & make gold while you're at it? lol

On my EU servers, the salt shaker sells for around 55 gold with materials in the 15 gold range. It's not the fastest seller but most leatherworkers will need one at some point & with the influx of leather wearing Pandas soon, I'd like to feel fairly confident that there will be a boom in leatherworking too.


  1. Gotta be careful with refining all of your deeprock salt though because cured thick hides take unrefined deeprock salt to cure, so you have to leave some unrefined. Found that out the hard way when I needed to cure some thick hides but had already refined all mine.

    In Vanilla we had a 3 day cooldown on salt shaker usage too, which was hella annoying!

  2. completely agree with Salt Shakers being a lost sales opportunity. I am suprised that Blizzard in their infinite wisdom to dumb down low level professions didn't just remove the need for the Shaker but still, once you get some leatherworkers leveling they will sell pretty rapidly.

  3. The amount of unrefined deeprock salt I simply vendor each week grinding transmog gear in MC...

  4. I've been trying to sell salt shakers on my realm for a couple of months now, they're just not budging. Hopefully lots of those new monks will pick up leatherworking in three weeks' time!

  5. @Scott - very good point there - I did see that originally but left my notes at home! oops!

    @Toki - yeah, they are definitely a niche item. Not sure I'd make too many at once but I def think it will pick up with all the new monks :)

    @Mommar - the salt shaker isn't needed to level Leatherworking unfortunately, it can easily be avoided but as long as you don't overprice them too much, sometimes it's easier to get points by using the Shaker

    @Mogram I haven't been able to do my usual 'farming test' for Deeprock Salt - I ran out of time before my trip! Someone else brought up MC on twitter so once I'm home, I'll do my usual test runs. Good to know it's plentiful in MC though :)


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