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Engineering Pets - Part 3 - Rabbits & Robots

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So this is part 3 of my look at Engineering craftable pets & the materials required. The Personal World Destroyer is a small robot & the De-weaponized Mechanical Companion is a mechanical rabbit to add to your collection of mechanical toad, yeti and squirrel! In my Part 1 post, I covered the lowest skill level crafted items, the squirrel, pet bombling & lil smoky. In Part 2, I covered the toad & yeti, both mid range skill level items but a bit more difficult to get hold of the schematics.

The Personal World Destroyer & the De-weaponized Mechanical Companion are both trainer taught schematics at skill level 475 but you can only learn one of them which will depend on whether you chose Goblin or Gnomish Engineering as your speciality.

De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion (Skill 475)

Trainer taught for Gnomish Engineers, this cute little mechanical rabbit sells fairly well. It remains to be seen how it will sell when Pet battles become available but I think it should still do well for collectors at least.


12 Obsidium Bars
4 handful of Obsidium Bolts
8 Electrified Ether
2 Jasper

Handful of Obsidium Bolts = 2 Obsidium bar - this makes 2-4 handfuls of bolts so quantity may vary

Electrified Ether = 2 Volatile Air - makes 2-3 ethers so again, materials may vary

Summary of Most Basic Raw Materials

32 Obsidium Ore (if you only get 2 handfuls of bolts, if you get 4 then 4 less ores required)
8 Volatile Air (if you only get 2 ethers per craft, may have some left over)
2 Jasper

Obviously mining your own obsidium isn't too hard & you may pick up some Volatile Airs while you do it but otherwise, I'd suggest the Auction House. Volatile Air on the other hand is probably the most expensive of all the volatiles so if you don't want to pay AH prices, you have several options. If you have an Alchemist you can do Transmute Living Elements - this takes 15 volatile lifes & transmutes them to a random 14-16 volatiles. To make sure you get Airs, you need to take your Alchemist to Uldum & do the transmute while you're there.

If you don't have an Alchemist, it used to be difficult to find one willing to do this transmute for you as it shared a cooldown with Transmute:Truegold which was usually the most profitable use of the cooldown. However, patch 5.0.4 last week has removed the cooldown on Truegold so don't let an alchemist in trade overcharge you for the Living Elements transmute!

You can also farm Volatile Airs - some reports suggest farming up to the first boss in Vortex Pinnacle, others suggest the wind elementals in Uldum. I haven't tried either option to be honest so do your research & give it a go if you don't want to pay AH prices :)

The Undermine Journal mean sell price for my server is around 500 gold, with materials around 125 gold whereas the EU mean price is 870 gold. Unfortunately my engineer isn't high enough to make these yet so I can't say from experience.

Personal World Destroyer (skill 475)

This is the Goblin engineers only, trainer taught pet which is a little clockwork robot. Similar materials to the Rabbit above, it does require use of the High Powered Bolt Gun (skill 465) in it's crafting but you can also use the Bolt Gun like a trinket. Comments on Wowhead suggest the Bolt Gun is really good at level 75 in battlegrounds & dungeons but it does require Handfuls of Obsidium Bolts to function.


10 Obsidium Bars
8 Handfuls of Obsidium Bolts
4 Electrified Ether

Handful of Obsidium Bolts = 2 Obsidium bar - this makes 2-4 handfuls of bolts so quantity may vary

Electrified Ether = 2 Volatile Air - makes 2-3 ethers so again, materials may vary

Summary of Most Basic Raw Materials

36 Obsidium Ore (mats may vary, depending on results of Handful of Bolts crafting proc)
4 Volatile Air (again, may vary, depending on Electrified Ether proc)

So what does the Undermine Journal say about this one? Well on my Alliance side, the average price is about 925 gold with the EU average being only 780 gold. I'd guess we have more Gnomish engineers than goblin specialty ones so that might be something for me to consider when leveling my Engineer. I don't really know enough to make that decision yet though - at least not from a gold-making point of view.


  1. so is the auction house the only thing you do? cuz i looked at your chars and damn you pretty much suck at everything else

    1. Oh good luck with that! I've never made my mains known on here & I'm careful to delete names in screen shots too. If you did find me on armory, those are the crap ones. I quest, do a bit of pvp (yup, now that I do suck at!) & do dungeons. Guild fell to bits & haven't raided since ICC but I tanked that through last 8 months of Wrath & didn't do too badly thank you.


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