Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Weekly Sales Update - Post Patch 5.0.4 3rd Sept 2012

New mog for my lil Warlock Engineer
Well! What a week it's been! The week before patch, I finally caved in & decided to buy up some of the cheapest glyphs flooding the Auction House. I may have got a bit carried away as I decided to try the same strategy on both factions on my US account too. I'll say here & now, I think I owe a big apology to everyone not on a server like my EU one! I've spent the last couple of years making gold with glyphs easily & posting about it here. I'd never really tried glyphs seriously on any other servers but oh man! This US server I'm on is a bitch for glyphs! lol

So the first screen shot is the summary page of my US Alliance character - I don't have any characters over there higher than lvl 15 so I was very restricted on what I could do glyph-wise. Given the overall average price of glyphs, I set myself a ceiling of 10 gold & bought a fair few glyphs below that - mainly in a vain attempt to reset the market on those particular glyphs. As you can see, I've made some nice profits on individual glyphs but overall, glyph sales post patch were very disappointing & I still have a bag full of cheap glyphs to sell.


US Alliance server
This next screen shot is my US Horde character. Now here I have just maxed inscription on my Hunter & have done maybe 10 days of researches for the Northrend & lower daily cooldown so I have some non-trainer taught glyphs. I also had a bit more gold available to buy up some of the cheapest glyphs for stock.

I've used the Sales tab for this screenshot to show how few glyphs have sold since the patch went live. If I'd used the Items or Resale tabs, it would have given an incorrect picture as I've been selling glyphs here for a while & didn't clear my data pre-patch.

Just a quick glance down this list will show you just how low the overall prices are for glyphs but there is one major player in the glyph market here who doesn't appear to sleep! Even with the time zone working in my favour for really early morning listings, he still manages to undercut me within an hour or so!

US Horde server
And last but not least, here is the screenshot for my main EU server, Alliance side. You can see straight away that the volume of sales is higher but look at some of those prices! Quite a few over 400 gold & a lot in the 200-400 gold range. The volume is still well down on what I have been used to but honestly, I haven't been posting as regularly as I used to & I left the market completely for quite a long time so I'm not the big player I used to be.
Home server, EU Alliance

So it wasn't quite the second Glyphmas that many gold bloggers (including myself) were expecting/hoping for. On the plus side for me, I've never been one for stockpiling anything so I only have maybe 2000 inks in the bank, mainly because the cataclysm herbs never dropped below 50 gold a stack here. I'm not sure there is a huge downside generally though - all those who did stockpile inks at least got them at really good prices & won't have to mill/make ink for a long time yet!

As for the rest of the changes brought about by the patch - I am soooo confused! I have 7 level 85's now that I have hardly played since January so resetting their talents & glyphs is not so bad - I've already forgotten how to play them but resetting toolbars & new rotations is going to take me some time!

I'm off on my travels again this week so I'll miss the Mists of Pandaria release on my EU account too. I just won't have access unfortunately. Luckily my friend plays so I will at least have access to my US account but with only one PC in the house, we'll have to fight to use it for Launch Day!


  1. My "glyphmas" was great for the first night, but it quickly went back to normal proceedings.

  2. what addon is this on the screen shot?


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