Wednesday, 24 April 2013

What's Been Selling This Week?

It's been a couple of weeks since I last posted my weekly sales pics and 2 very slow weeks they were too! This new job is really cutting into my energy to actually play the game right now, to the point where I don't even relist my auctions some evenings.  But I made a bit of an effort over the weekend & did a whole bunch of crafting so hopefully this current week will be a bit better.

As you can see, the Black Pepper Ribs & Shrimp continues to sell well even though I've picked up some competition on the other 4 types of +300 buff foods. I've managed to maintain the price at about 80g each & I have 2 or 3 regular customers.

week ending 22nd April
The Mysterious Fortune Cards were an after thought when I was crafting on the weekend - I saw someone barking in trade so I listed a whole bunch quickly & just watched him sell my cards for me! The best thing is, my cards were 15g-ish whereas his were at 12g but he'd listed them only in stacks of 20. I listed mine in singles & 5's and sold out in about 20 minutes!

I've stopped selling my Living Steel this week too - the prices have dropped below what I'm prepared to sell it for but not quite low enough to take a gamble on flipping it. I know the new weapons will be arriving soon but I've never had much luck with that kind of stuff so my risk-averseness (is that even a word? lol) has kicked in. I'm playing it safe with Living Steel Belt Buckles instead although again, the prices have dropped a little bit.

The crafted PvP gear is still selling fairly well & the Leather/Mail stuff is holding its price nicely. The Cloth armour isn't doing so well but as I've stocked up on Windwool Cloth all at less than 30g a stack, it's still making some nice profits.

The previous week (when I completely missed a post!) was perhaps my worst week in 6 months. I let my auctions lapse on the Wednesday evening & didn't log in again until late on Saturday. Add in toothache again this week & I'm not sure next weeks report is going to be much better unless the stuff I crafted over the weekend moves!
week ending 15th April
In other news, I did get an unexpected invitation one evening last week - Marcus Ty asked me to join him on episode 3 of his podcast, the Journal of Marcus Ty. It was great fun - we chatted for maybe 40 minutes before we even started recording & then another 30 minutes or so afterwards too! If you are new to goldmaking, I definitely recommend having a listen to Marcus - he tends to focus on teaching the basics & explaining stuff that I certainly take for granted. It seems common knowledge isn't actually that common these days!

Also, for those who are interested, the screen shots above come from a simple little addon called MySales which you can find on I know TSM Accounting has something similar but this one is just so neat & simple, it suits a screenshot better I think.

Image - Floating Market, Bangkok © Nev 2005

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  1. hi, i like the view you use for sales - which add-on is that?

  2. Been a bit busy lately and less time for Gold Making. Profits have been mainly four sources this week: flasks (where did the competition go?), shoulder enchants, crafted cloth armor (sells like hotcakes still) and cut primal diamonds (prices are up, trough the roof for some and they still sell). Think I`ll get that MySales addon, thanks for the tip.


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