Monday, 1 April 2013

What's Been Selling This Week?

Wow! Monday really does roll round fast these days doesn't it? It's time for this week's round up of what's been selling on my server although it's much the same as last week for now.

The week started off really well in the 300+ buff food markets but I've gained some competition over the weekend. I'm pretty sure they aren't making as much profit as I am though as I am checking the raw materials supply 5-6 times a day & buying up everything below my buy price. I'm up to 107 Ironpaw Tokens on my Rogue alt who is about 5 token swaps away from level 86 now. Almost all of the level has been via Ironpaw Token swaps and a little bit of pet battling so you can see just how much raw material swapping I've been doing!

I've finally started shifting some of the Living Steel Belt Buckles & a fair few Flasks this week. I still haven't converted one of my Alchemists to Potion Master - both are transmute masters so I really have to watch my Flask & herb prices to make real profits there. I did manage to grab 70-ish Golden Lotus at 28g each though so that has helped a great deal.

I also managed to get a whole bunch of Silkweed this week - with the ink price calculated at 5g per ink but glyphs still not doing well for me, I converted all the ink to Blackfallow Ink and made a shedload of Mysterious Fortune Cards. I have a little competition now & then but I'm holding my price to about 16g per card & I'm not barking in trade either.

Before Patch 5.2 went live, I was using my Tillers farm for Songbell Seeds & Motes of Harmony but now I'm doing some work orders to save time on reputations. I made 2 epic pieces and as you can see above, I finally sold the Gloves. That was a nice little boost to my profits this week.

But by far the biggest boost has been the new PvP Crafted Dreadful Gladiator items from Tailoring & Leatherworking. I'm picking up Windwool Cloth for a maximum of 30g a stack which equals 4 Bolts of Windwool Cloth which means that the most expensive Tailored PvP item to craft costs just 45g. As you can see above - I'm selling for way above that price!

The leatherworking items are showing huge profits too & holding their prices better than the Tailoring ones. I snagged 150+ stacks of Exotic Leather for 25-30g & also picked up 40 Magnificent Hides for 40g each. Even if I make my own Magnificent Hide using the non-cooldown method, my maximum material cost is around 75g so Nev is a happy girl when that stuff sells for 700g-ish!

I mentioned last week that I was going to dip into the enchant market - well as you can see above, only 2 different enchants made my top sellers list but I am happy to report that out of the 30 scrolls I made, they did all sell & at a nice profit too. I made a load more this morning and focused more tightly on the highest priced ones. It will be interesting to see where they land in my selling report next week.

The Ghost Iron Ore price on my server is slowing climbing too - over 55g a stack usually and as I haven't really explored the gems market yet, I'm wary of spending too much there for now. My Warrior Blacksmith is just fresh dinged 90 so she's not ready for Isle of Thunder yet to get the Plate PvP patterns & the prices on the Contenders Plate has been dropping too. She also doesn't have many Spirits of Harmony to buy the older Contenders patterns so I'm kinda stuck there for now. It's on my to-do list though - if I can bear to play her much!

Tomorrow I start my new job so I'll be a bit more restricted in my AH activities for a while - at least until I get to know what the score is as far as internet use is concerned. I'm pretty sure it will be a lunchtime only thing so I'll just have to make sure I'm super organised for my evenings.

Hope y'all have a profitable week, have fun xxx


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  1. Just a btw; to get the recipe to start on with the blacksmithing PVP pieces, you only need to kill (and get the loot, he only drops 1 of the recipe) - not really needed to do much else. At least I am pretty sure I didn't do much of that on my (very) poorly geared shammy. No need for reps/tonnes of dailies, in other words to get it started:)

  2. Buckles were my top seller this week also.

    About the Isle of thunder recipe, I did it on my alliance BS who is still in quest greens. Just ride to the quest spot, do one damage to the guy and wait for everyone else to kill it.

    The 458 plate is selling for around 1k here and only cost like 10 Ghost Iron Bars. Helms are my best seller so far.

    Nice to see Fortune Cards are still selling.

  3. hmmm, I thought I needed to unphase something first - I'll have to give that a try then or maybe persuade a guildie or two to come help me :P Thanks guys xxx

  4. Been a profitable week, especially for flipping "super" blues. Also some transmog gear but I am still learning that market. Tailoring "crafted" pvp gear sells very well, also contender gear slower but still steady. Been a spike in the netherweave bag market, can usually sell a handful if I post them before going to bed to avoid the instant undercutting. Spellthreads also moving well. For enchanting Enchant Bracer -Super Intellect has been the big winner , simpler ones like haste/mastery still makes a some nice profit. Twink encants/gems apperantly is a far better market than I thought, been making a good income just by listening to trade channel for requests. Food on the other hand is Down with a major D. Just moved a single stack of spring rolls all week. I swear my food is safe, the rumors of Salmonella are not true!

  5. Trine is correct. Just need to fight through the tunnel and kill the boss at top of stairs (not the metalsmith guy who patrols the lower area). You'll get a quest item and bingo, you got the ingot recipe. Now you get the privilege of making that each day to discover recipes.


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