Sunday, 14 April 2013

Help Richard Harlow See Again - pt 2

A couple of weeks ago, I published a post about Richard Harlow aka @demonicric - a WoW player who is legally blind but still manages to play his warlock using various addons & a lot of determination. I made the mistake of including a bit of a rant in that post which didn't start the drama but sure as hell didn't help either! I have a feeling all the drama has turned some people away from this fundraising so I wanted to do a second post to highlight Richard's plight & ask everyone to find it in their hearts & pockets to make a donation now, regardless of the personalities involved in the drama that has been raging on Twitter.

Just this week, Richard made a guest appearance on Eviscerated Gaming Podcast Ep 45 - the guys over there are 100% behind Richard's attempt to raise funds for special medication which has the possibility to restore some or all of his vision so they devoted the whole show to his interview. No segments, no crazy news stories & no Electronic Education music either, just 36 minutes of talking to Richard about how all this happened, how he manages to play & more importantly, why this money needs to be raised.

There's a whole host of other podcasts highlighting Richards fundraising too - he made a short bumper explaining it all but I'm very behind in my podcast listening so I can't list them all, I'm sorry.

I first heard Richard talking about playing blind on Hearthcast a couple of years ago - I'm pretty sure it was one of the very first podcasts I ever listened too & I was fascinated by his courage & endurance then. Listening to EGP last night, I was reminded just how strong the human need to win is - he could have just accepted it & hidden himself away from most of the world but no, he is out there - fighting for others in similar or worse positions than himself & I'm sure he will win this battle or there is no justice in this world.

If you would like to donate - the fundraiser page is here
There is a deadline for this too - just 19 days left but after a fundraising event last night which raised over $4000, he is so close to his target, I have great hope that if we all chip in, he will make it.


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  1. I have donated some money. Never knew he was from Nanaimo until I read the story. I am 20 minutes away!

  2. Thank you so much Graham {{{hug}}}

  3. Why does he deserve our help? There are millions of people out there that need help who are far, FAR more disadvantaged than him. What makes him so special? Nothing.

    1. Yes there are millions of people out there that need help but they can't all ask for it. This young man has a face, a personality & a presence in this dysunctional 'community' we are part of & I'd rather give what little I have to help someone like that than some faceless charity or corporation who do 'good work'.

      Do you say that to all the charity collectors you come across in life btw?

    2. I have to agree with Nev entirely on this one.

      Frankly, if I was in need like this young man, I would hope that people around me would rally, rather than question it. We cannot help everyone, merely try. Seeing total darkness the rest of your life is not exactly a nice sounding proposition. There's too many nice things to see.

    3. Yeah there are loads of people out there, and if we all go around saying what you just wrote nothing would be done for anyone.

      It's your choice at the end of the day, help who you can.

  4. I know Demonicric's bumper got played on All Things Azeroth, Rawrcast, Twizzcast, Horde House, and Group Quest this week. I'd offer it up on FelTron, but I'm in the sub-5 minute space so no real space for it. I've made a donation to the fund and commented on twitter about it.


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