Monday, 27 June 2011

What's Been Selling This Week?

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 Another slow sales week, with rare gem prices really dropping off, pre Patch 4.2 slow down I guess. Sales income for the week of 41.5k & liquid gold increase of 30.9k so I spent 10.6k this week mainly on a bit of last minute stocking up for the patch. In one way, it's annoying because I'm so close to my target that I don't want to spend more than I have to but by doing so, I should be able to really make use of the craziness that is Patch day in the AH!

I dipped my toe back into the enchanting market & cherry picked the highest profit enchants - namely the Hurricane & Agility enchants but if you saw yesterdays post, farming Essence of Air is a little hit & miss timewise so I'm not sure how many of the agility enchants I can realistically keep listed. Essence of Air sells for 175g each on my server which means that either the enchant price needs to skyrocket or I need to spend time farming, not my favourite occupation tbh.

Inferno ink sales have slowed down & the price has dropped but that's because the Darkmoon Faire isn't around for another week or two. I expect the new Inscription relics for 4.2 will also spike demand but I'm undecided whether to just sell all my inks at insane prices or to try some of the relics. I'll probably try 1 relic & see what the prices are like before I decide which way to go on Wednesday.

Greater Eternal Essences have also slowed down, saleswise & I've gained some competition. I'm doing my usual list when there's very few listed & at a price I'm happy to sell at. I actually bought some for 15g each this week & immediatly listed them for 55g which promptly sold!

Chocolate cookies & Glyphs are still selling well - some glyphs have jumped up to 300g or more but they aren't showing in my list up above because they are on page 2 :)

Blacksmithing has improved a little - I managed to shift some Ebonsteel Belt Buckles & I tried the Hardened Elementium Bar after reading Wes's post over at Capped By Cata. The Obsidium Skeleton Keys continue to sell but the strange thing is that most of them seem to be going to one person! I keep expecting an email asking for a bulk price but not received one so far.

The PvP stuff is what's left over from levelling my blacksmithing but I haven't made anymore because everything is going to be changing when the patch hits. Just in case you don't know, if you have the pattern already, it will be upgraded in your profession book & the patterns at the vendor will upgrade too so there's no rush to buy the patterns BUT if you have any unsold ready crafted PvP stuff, it won't upgrade so I'm trying to get rid of the few bits that I have left.

So that's been my week but I've also been slowed down by having my husband home for the week & we've started a little horde alt for a bit of cross faction trading. I haven't tried any cross faction before so I'm taking note of Faid's precautions & taking advice from Flux & Jokinee from Power Word:Gold. Talking of which - look out for episode 13 of their podcast - they have a very special guest this week :-D


  1. Sorry for my stupid question, but how can you display sales of the last week? I only get overall with MySales :/

  2. I'm not surprised @ Obsidium Skeleton Keys - I have a 20-slot full of Cata lockboxes and I haven't leveled my rogue enough to get him to open them. Apparently, I'm not the only one.

  3. @goldbrunnen: /msconfig and in the middle area there are drop boxes - one is how long to display for. Figured it put last night after doing my first post on what's been selling and trying to determine how to do future ones like Nev does.

    Nev, do we know how the inscription relics will become craftable? Quests, trainer?


  4. @Goldbrunnen, looks like Caidenn beat me to the answer! lol

    @Khalior oooh, thanks for the link! I knew someone had posted but couldn't remember who! I'm useless at searching for blog posts, never seem to get anything close to what I'm looking for.

    @Caidenn Thks for helping Goldbrunnen :) As for the inscription relics, the only details I could find where on Wowhead HERE

  5. Get ready for some big money come today.

    I am worried about running out of supplies as I was unable to actually stockpile.

    Thank for the shoutout on the PWG podcast btw :)

  6. @Darraxus Tomorrow for me - I get to listen/watch/read how it goes stateside so picking up hints as fast as poss! You're welcome for the shout out btw, you've got some great stuff tucked away there :)

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    Left comment earlier about this dunno if u noticed =)
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  8. @Yow, sorry hon, my blog roll is really only for gold blogs but you are on my reading list :)


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