Tuesday, 21 June 2011

What's Been Selling This Week?

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It's been a fun week this week, achievement chasing & levelling an alt or two, whilst trying to keep my sales at a steady level. Now that school holidays are sneaking up on my server, I can see a definite difference in sales, prices & volumes which is interesting & frustrating at the same time. Interesting because it's my first summer as a dedicated gold maker & frustrating as I'm so close to gold cap now, I just want to get there but prices are fluctuating like crazy so I'm being more careful about riskier strategies.
Sales income this week of 48198g + 2334g from my new blacksmith alt but with only a 36k increase in liquid gold, tells me my spending has shot up again after a couple of low spend weeks to 14.2k. having said that, I did spend about 7k on gear for my DK & 1k on Argent Tournament mounts for my paladin mount collector so actually crafting/resell expenses are still only around the 6k mark.

I finally managed to sell my epic world drop Woundsplicer Handwraps but only for just over 6000g - I mentioned a few weeks ago that these dropped for my pally about an hour after I'd bought & equipped a pair on my Priest for 8000g so I could say that I only paid 2000g for her gloves but somehow it feels more like I lost 2000g due to my inability to sell them at the higher price! Hmmmm.

Along with my usual glyphs & rare cut gems, I did manage to shift a fair few Greater Eternal Essences & Inferno Inks last week & the price also remained fairly high. I know from some comments that this is a good price & I've been actively working to keep these prices up there. I almost always have mine listed at around these prices, sometimes I'm slightly undercutting others but often I'm the most expensive. However, it does serve to keep undercuts just below mine so the overall average price stays high & customers get used to seeing the market at these prices. Eventually they will be the norm & people won't balk at paying these prices.

I also found out I needed a cooking recipe from the Shattrath Daily Cooking quest (to complete the Outland Gourmet achieve) so when it took me over to Netherstorm, I took the opportunity to stock up on the pets from Dealer Rashad, the pet guy over there. I've sold a few this week but the pet market seems pretty saturated except for the Pet Bombling from Engineering which has been selling nicely this week. I'm still looking for the Lifelike Mechanical Toad recipe on the AH but I think I live in hope on that one!

As for my newly maxed Blacksmith, I have to say I'm a bit disappointed. I think mostly because I had heard & read such great stories about profits from Blacksmithing but then again, I do realise that this close to Patch 4.2 with all those new recipes/plans coming online, I may have timed it badly! Pretty much the only thing that sells for a decent profit is the Obsidium Skeleton Keys - that Bloodied Pyrium Helm & Ebonsteel Belt Buckle up there are total flukes & Volatile Fire prices have been at a steady 13-18g each, making any of the Bloodied Pyrium set have a crafting cost of over 220g.

So for now, I'm knuckling down to my usual markets but I'm keeping my eyes wide open for opportunities elsewhere. I promised myself a whole host of goodies when I hit goldcap but until then, I really mustn't buy anymore pretties :D

PS The addon I use for showing my sales data is called MySales, download from Curse.com & really easy to use.


  1. Actually, speaking of MySales - have you checked out the new TSM module, Accounting?

    It has almost all of the same features as MySales, plus a few more and obviously integration with the other TSM modules. Tracks purchases too ;)

    On top of all that, it should even import your MySales data.

    Sold yet?

  2. Actually I haven't tried it yet - was kinda waiting for some 'buzz' about it so I guess it's time :)

  3. Glad too see the "sell for what I want not for simply the lowest price" philosophy is working for you as well. I find it doesn't work for every item but for some high-volume items it has increased my profits quite a bit.

  4. It looks like alot of your money comes from selling glyphs. I also sell alot of glyphs ~1000 a week, but unfortunately my market is saturated and i'm only selling for about 10-50g each. I guess it really depends what server you are on.

  5. @anon - yup, most of my stash is from glyphs but I've also got another post re glyphs lined up for later in the week so pop back, you may be surprised :)

    @Flux, I've been doing that for a while but I read about a 'reverse wall' on the Consortium forums (I think that's what he called it) sounds very similar to what I've been doing anyway :)

  6. @Nev: You're definitely hitting the Smithing market at a slow time. Things will pick up after the patch as Belt Buckles and the next level of PvP gear becomes available. If haven't purchased all the plans yet, remember that they are automatically upgraded to the new version, so you won't need to learn anything new if you have the PvP plans already.

    Also, Obsidium Keys might see increased competition as it will become easier to post them since a lot of people don't know how to get them up on the AH now. It might also increase sales by having them in bags as people become more aware of them with the keyring change.

  7. @Aleithia - thanks so much for your comment - there's a lot I still need to learn & understand about the BS markets & most of what you said, I hadn't even thought about! lol Still gotta get my girlie past lvl 75 for major stuffs so I guess I got a week or so :)


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