Monday, 13 June 2011

What's Been Selling This Week?

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It's been a slow money making week for me this week, I've been kicking back & taking it easy at the AH mainly because I finally got my warrior to level 75 & maxed her Blacksmithing. I've also been achievement hunting, raising alts & planning a new experiment so although I've made money, I definitely can see the difference that easing off has made in my glyph market.

Having said all that, the maths is still good - I've seperated out my Blacksmith from the overall numbers but combined income per MySales is 52k, gold increase over the week is 49.5k so expenses come to about 2.5k. Last week, a reader queried how low my expenses are - well, I've said before that I don't tend to stockpile stuff but I do horde all sorts of things, including a fair few rare gems.

Looking at my list below, I finally sold my Crusader Enchant Formula (no gold outlay), Primal Mights (stuff from alt bank account), chocolate cookies (time outlay, very low mat costs) & all the gems were from my guild bank stash. The only real costs I have are herbs on a weekly basis & periodically I blow a few thousand on cheap Elementium or Obsidium Ores which I then process as & when I feel like it so they don't show in this weeks' expenses even if I process them this week & make gold from them. 

The only things in the above list of items that I spent gold to produce are the Greater Eternal Essences (mat cost of about 12-15g per) & the Hurricane Enchant scroll - I actually bought 3 at 300g each because I knew they would sell at 600g or more. Obviously I bought herbs for the glyphs too but I've been a bit lazy on glyphing this week so not that much on herbs to be honest!

Having maxed my Blacksmith this week (Wednesday evening) I thought I'd seperate out her sales & auctions so I could see which items I made for levelling were actually selling. I already had all the ores I needed as I've been lazy on shuffling recently & I knew I needed some for this girlie when she finally got to 75!

I also bought a few extra plans to fill out the Bloodied Pyrium PvP set. Interestingly enough, whilst my server may be great for glyphs, plate pvp stuff sells for below material costs! Volatile fires sell for an average of 12-15g each so even with Elementium ore at 2g each, the minimum cost for the cheapest Bloodied Pyrium piece (bracers) should be 160g-ish & it's currently listed at 110g. The Bloodied Pyrium Belts are down to 30-50g - needless to say, I bought those to disenchant! Heavenly Shards are still 50g and upwards so if I can't reset the price to a more sensible level, at least I can still get back a hefty chunk of cost from disenchanting them.

I'm going to continue keeping my Blacksmithing sales seperate for a while to get a clearer picture of the market. It adds a little extra work to the daily gold summary I do as my PC is very slow when changing alts but I think it's worth it. I'm also going to have a look at some of the lower level items to see if there's anything worth crafting on a regular basis.

Just as a footnote, I get asked regularly what addon I use for the sales screenshots - it's called MySales & it's really easy to use.

Happy goldmaking peeps :)


  1. Im currently about 65k or so away from the million mark, so I should be hitting that within the week!

    I dont make very much off of Blacksmithing, but that could also be because I just barely leveled it to max this weekend. Now I just need to spend the gold for the last 10 points of tailoring.

    Another market I decided to give a shot and am disapointed I did not do it earlier. Engineering pets. I sold around 7 or so of the Bombling and Lil Smokey on the first day for around 120 gold each.

  2. what addon is that

  3. Virtually every post asks about the mysales addon Nev. You may as well put it at the top of your page or create a FAQ :)

    Re: PVP Gear. It's not selling well now because the pvp season is almost over and everybody has replaced it by now. It's really easy to get 352 pvp gear and most people have all vicious gear.

    The good news is that when 4.2 comes up the PVP crafted items will be getting an upgrade so they'll be competitive again. Especially for newly dinged 85s. Hold onto the stock, sell it when the patch hits :)


  4. @Darraxus - don't forget the mechanical squirrel - I usually sell a few of those each week too :) Blacksmithing - try the obsidium skeleton keys - been listing them as singles at 35g or more & they are selling pretty well.

    @Anon 1 - I put it at the bottom of the post this week :) MySales is the name of the addon

    @Anon2 ahhh, ty - yes, that would make sense re the pvp gear. I'm a total novice in that area so didn't have a clue.

    as for the addon question - I actually remembered to include it in the post this week but hey ho, top of the post next week I think :D

  5. I think what makes me sad, is I sold nearly as many auctions as you, well excluding blacksmithing but I only started that recently to, but only brought in roughly half of what you did. But I am up to 68k now so can't complain to much, more gold then I've ever had, and I've been playing since vanilla, how sad is that?

  6. @Tamed Lion - This was another exceptional week where I used stock items for many of my sales. When you hoard as much stuff as I do, expenditure/sales is often imbalanced from week to week but overall is levels out.

    It's not sad at all, many players just don't have the interest in the AH that the gold bloggers do - you've made a start just by reading gold blogs & even if you don't dive in like I did, you will see improvements generally just by having the knowledge :) Good luck

  7. I haven't been raiding and I've sorta lost interest in running 5 mans so I ended up trying TradeSkillMaster, which I saw on WoW Insider, and saw a how much I could make early on just using that with my enchanting.

    Since thing maybe a few months now I've been reading your blog and a few others to get some ideas on things to sell.

    I'm also trying to blog a little when I make time, something I've been meaning to do for some time now.


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