Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Time for a Change?

I may have to streamline my packing!
I mentioned in an earlier post that I was considering moving an alt from my current server in search of a higher population one. There's two main reasons for this with a few lesser reasons too.  I've also mentioned before that my guild is on life-support, just waiting for someone to pull the plug but I really don't want to do that so I figured moving 1 high level alt with 2 professions would let me dive straight in on a new server & would also let me experience an Auction House on a higher population realm.

One of the lesser reasons is that I really don't feel like leveling a new alt - my time is more limited now & besides, I still have alts on my main server to finish leveling! I'm looking for something in game to re-ignite my passion for this game & leveling a brand new alt is definitely not it!

So I was very pleased to see that this month's Gold Blogging Carnival was all about transfering servers - it's the first month that Selltacular is hosting the Carnival in it's new home as Cold has handed it over due to work, other projects & the fact that after all these years (3-ish for the blog, I believe) he's finally run out of steam!

I've been humming & ha'ing over which alt to move, which server to choose & whether or not to take heirlooms with her - all in preparation for my Carnival entry post this month when I saw yesterday that Blizzard have announced a 50% 'sale' on character services for this week only - arrgghhh! I'm not ready yet & I wanted to read all the Carnival entries too!

I'm not sure yet if I want to find a social & active guild or just a larger Auction House to play in - I can do both by moving a high level alt at least & I'm fairly sure now that it's my level 85 Hunter who will be moving - she's my 2nd Alchemist & my 2nd tailor so I won't miss her on my main realm so much. She's also the only alt with any reasonable pvp gear so that gives me that option too.

So now I just need to decide which realm to try out over the next day or two - Arathor-EU is one option as I have an alt with some cash there already and the Alliance faction is twice as large as my current server but if I want a friendly guild, I think I'll have to investigate Ghostlands-EU - a few of my Twitter peeps are there ( /wave hi guys!) & judging from my twitter feed earlier today, one of my friends is already trying it out & I have a feeling I'd be welcome too :P

I'm going to do some more thinking though - I need to work out how much stuff I want to take with me or shall I just go with the 50k gold, shall I take all my heirlooms or just the ones I know I won't need again on main server & I also need to check out the Auction Houses to see what sells best over there.

Once I have it all sorted, I'll pretty much have my Carnival post written too - I just wish the sale was on for a bit longer as I'm sure the Carnival posts will highlight something I've missed!


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  1. Hi Nev, glad to see you back and blogging again! :)

    I would suggest coming over to Arathor EU - this is where all of my characters are and the economy is good (I just made my 2nd million!).

    More than happy to exchange BattleTags and give you an overview etc of the Realm.

  2. Looks like we're in the same boat here babes! I'm looking to transfer as well but it's too short a time to make a bloody decision!


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