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How To Take Your Gold With You When You Transfer Servers

This month is the first month that Selltacular over at Copper to Gold blog is hosting the monthly Gold Blogging Carnival, having taken over from Cold at Cold's Gold Factory. As he says in his post, the topic of server transfers has been very common on Twitter & various forums over the last few months & Blizzard must have been listening as this week, they have had a 50% off character services sale.

If you were to transfer servers and could take only one toon, which one would you take and why? What goods would you use to transport all of your gold over the 50k transfer cap?

My choice of toons to move is fairly obvious - I could either take my main - a Leatherworking/Skinning Paladin and basically never look back at my current server or I could take a high level toon but one that is unimportant to my goldmaking. For me at least, those would be my options - yes, I could take any one of my 6 level 85-90's but as my professions are all over the place, moving any of the 5 besides my Hunter would leave a gap in my goldmaking on what I still consider to be my main realm.

My level 85 Hunter is my 2nd alchemist & 2nd Tailor - alchemy is maxed but tailoring I haven't even started on the daily Imperial Silk cooldown & learning the newer PvP items so if I was moving in order to continue my gold making, I'd have my work cut out for me! However, for me, a move is more of a search for the social side of WoW - I really miss evenings on Skype with my guildies, tackling new dungeons, raiding or even just mucking about in PvP.

Now I know it's kind of academic at this point but to take as much of my gold with me as possible I would firstly empty her bank & bags of any low level or non-valuable items. Next I would make sure she had large bags and fill them with valuable items as well as any heirlooms I wanted to take with me. I might even go and buy more heirlooms from the guild vendor if there were some I didn't already have. I wouldn't pay silly money for the largest bags though - at least not until I had filled my existing large bags. Spending 3-4k gold on an extra 4 spaces per bag seems kind of silly to me unless I knew I could make it worthwhile on the new server!

Amani Dragonhawk
Deciding what kind of valuable items to take with you requires research. Once you've decided on your destination realm, you need to use The Undermine Journal & look up all kinds of expensive items - think mounts (especially TCG mounts like Spectral Tiger or Amani Dragonhawk), high level, high price battle pets (although you can always swap those over later of course!) and epic armor. Don't forget mounts/pets you can craft too - think Vial of the Sands, Jewelcrafting mounts & pets as well as Engineering ones like the choppers.There's an option to compare prices between 2 servers at the top of the screen & I find it very useful sometimes.

The other thing to think about though is the higher value items that you can craft - think Living Steel, Living Steel Belts, top end enchants, valuable gems, spellthreads & maybe even the +300 buff foods!. These all stack so each single bag space can hold quite a high value stack. It might be worth checking out the glyph market on your new server too - I know many servers seem to have a dead glyph market & if your own server is dead on glyphs but your new one is busy, you can pick up a bucketload of cheap glyphs BUT be choosy! You don't want to take a load of rubbish with you!

And that's the key point here really - you want to fill your bank spaces & bag spaces with the highest value items/stacks that you can - it may be that a stack of say, Living Steel has more value than any of the mounts or pets you find on your current server& if you aren't taking an alchemist with you, but can still use Living Steel then having a few stacks for selling or crafting with may prove more valuable in the short term.

Going back to pets though - if you do have to leave a pile of gold behind, don't forget that you can still move some over time by buying pets on your old server, learning & then caging them on your new server. Once you are settled into your new home & have begun to understand your new Auction House, you may find opportunities you missed. Make a note of those when you find them - you may love your new server so much that you decide to transfer another toon over later & then you can cash in on those earlier missed options.

This all sounds like a lot of preparation & to be honest, yes it is. Moving server is quite a big change for many players & not one I would take lightly after all this time on my home server. I've decided not to move any alts this time though - as usual I've left it too late to really get organised & I'm not sure of where I want to go. I have some cash on Arathor so I may go & play a little gold making over there - mainly just flipping though & it turns out I have a friend who plays there too. As for my twitter friends on Ghostlands, I feel the need to learn to tank on a DK from the start so I'll possibly turn up on your doorstep sometime soon :)


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  1. Im just going to say "orb of Mystery"

    I bought 10 of these before my transfere this weekend. And i sell 1 or 2 a day on my new server.
    A fairly safe way to bring the gold with you over. I bought them from the vendor for 18k, and sell them on the AH for 17.900g. I loose about 1k per sale, but its a steady seller, with no competition.

    1. Great idea! I've not been playing much at top level recently so I'd forgotten all about these. Obviously not ideal with losing gold on each sale but safe enough to bring a whole chunk with you for sure :)

  2. Yeah you could do all that, or just transfer your gold with a guild. getting a guild to level 2 takes less than a day and you can take 1 million gold with you, and already have a guild for a bank alt on your new server.

    1. I think if I had the spare cash, I'd probably do the guild move - it's just not always viable for many players, sadly. Luckily I'm not so attached to my gold that I can't live without most of it & I know I can easily earn it back too so it's not that big a deal for me :)


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