Monday, 25 March 2013

What's Been Selling This Week?

Now that I am ramping up my gold making activities again, I thought it might be interesting to restart my What's Been Selling posts. I'm not expecting any major surprises to show up in my top sales but then it wouldn't be a surprise if it was expected would it? So it's probably just going to be a recap but you may find some inspiration for new markets to look at or just find comfort in how bad my sales figures compared to your own! I'm not the most efficient gold maker so my numbers are never going to be as impressive as some bloggers out there.

If you've been reading here for a while, it will come as no surprise that my best selling item this last week has been Black Pepper Ribs & Shrimp - the +300 strength buff food. With the release of the new raid in patch 5.2 just a few weeks ago & the opening of The Isle of Thunder still in full progress on most servers, I should have known really but it still caught me unprepared for the sheer quantity of sales on my quiet little server!

Unsurprisingly then, Mogu Fish Stew (the +300 intellect buff food) is also in my top sales this week as are Flasks. Sadly my alchemists are both transmute masters so my flask profits are based purely on buying materials as cheaply as possible. I did score 60 Golden Lotus for just 25g each a week or two ago which has helped keep my costs down. There's a fair bit of competition in the Flasks market & the price can drop to just 35g per flask so I don't list any on those days.

Living Steel & Living Steel Belt Buckle are mainstays of my gold making - I always make my daily Living Steel on both Alchemists and built up a bit of stock whilst my Blacksmith was still leveling. Now that she can make the Belt Buckles, I'm selling much less plain Living Steel and focusing more on Belt Buckles as the sale price is usually higher. This market is pretty volatile though - just yesterday, Living Steel was down to 375g & tomorrow it could be back up to 550g.

I've also been doing my daily Leatherworking Magnificent Hide cooldown to get the new PvP patterns & I make 2 of each new piece straightaway. I check to see which have sold overnight & make new pieces to keep my stock at 2 for each PvP item. I do the same thing on my Tailor with her Imperial Silk cooldown too and as you can see above, the prices are holding up fairly well.

I'm also still selling Mammoth Mining Bags although I have a competitor now who seems to think they should be priced at 150g-ish when I've been selling them for months at 375g. I did buy her out a couple of times but she just keeps on listing so now I've decided to buy all the Borean Leather & starve her of materials! It's working but slowly - I've got the price back up to around the 250g mark this week. She may have done me a small favor though - at 375g, I was only selling 1 or 2 a week but at 250g, I've sold 4 this week & 8 last week. Maybe I was being a little bit greedy but it is a good reminder that taking a little bit less profit per item may result in increased sales thereby increasing overall profits.

Just yesterday I crafted a whole bunch of enchant scrolls so next week, we'll see how they did! I also made up a bunch of Rich Purple Silk Shirts after snagging a bunch of Silk Cloth for just 4g a stack. I price these at 79g each but again, I may drop the price a little to see if I end up selling more.

Plans for this week include going back to some old favorite markets & seeing if they are still viable, keeping up with buff food production & keeping a close eye on the enchanting scrolls market. Have a prosperous week my friends xxx

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  1. Leatherworking extras: Nev, explore the other Borean bags, too. Keeping the spare leather off the AH makes these work. You should also explore the Contender's for each type, especially Blacksmithing.

    1. I used to sell the other bags but they were very very slow to sell so I gave up on them. I should definitely look again though, thank you for reminding me :) Contenders huh? hmmm ok, will give it a try for sure - my BS is under-utilised at the moment & I don't think she will be getting to Isle of Thunder anytime soon either! lol

    2. Blacksmiths at this point should be over-utilized, part of my logic from last week. Always appeal to the lowest common denominator, you'll never go broke.

    3. Mammoth mining bags are the only way to go for the Borean crafted bags on my server as well but the scribe bags are easily snatched for cheap and flipped.

      Leather Holding bags are a joke on my server were skinners are super rare.

  2. I have been doing very well with belt buckles. I have to reset the market a couple times a week though. I reset it on Saturday to 1200 gold and by Sunday afternoon it was down to 650g. 1200g is a bit high but I know how fast people drop the price so it keeps it up for a bit. But there are always those people who undercut by 100g at a time and tank it down way too fast. I have it back up to 940g now though.

    1. oh stop giving me ideas! lol I may have to try that, I'll let you know how it goes :)

  3. Uncut gems have been selling well, volatile market but plenty of opportunities to cash in on. Food: Black Pepper Ribs & Shrimp and Mogu Fish stew moving slowly but steadily og 50g. Crokolisk belly is getting too expensive on AH but Coldbite Crokolisk drop rate/pepop time is so high it is barely a grind to supply myself. On the ore side WOLK and Cata stuff is skyrocketing for some reason, too bad my stores were limited. Are players leveling their blacksmiths the old way or something?

  4. Nev, I've been selling mammoth mining bags on my server for some time now too. Like you I price them at 375 a bag. My server is a bit busier, so I'm able to sell 10 or more each week. I usually spend about 50g per bag.

    Flasks is another market that I work. The price had gotten down below 50g for a few weeks but came back up to about 75g each. I sold quite a few that I had been stock piling.

    Similar story with Living Steel and Belt buckles. I make one per day on my one alchemist and turn it into a buckle.

    Yesterday I saw that the price of the Enchant Bracer - Superior intellect was about 2500g each. With Sha Crystals at 400 each on my server I was able to make a few of these and sell them on the AH.

    A question for you though, do you find that one day of the week is better for selling than others? I always try to put a bunch of flasks on the market on Monday night so that on Tuesday, after the raids reset, they are ready for all the days raids. It's been working well for me lately as the price of the flasks has gone back up. Any insight into similar patterns?


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