Sunday, 24 March 2013

Time To Get Back To Some Serious Gold Making

I've had a quiet couple of weeks in game - real life got a bit too busy for me to do much other than just maintain my auction house activities. But it's quietened down a bit now so it's time to get down to some more serious gold making efforts! I'm planning on being a very busy bee over the next few weeks so hold on to your hats people! lol

Whilst I may not always agree with how Zerohour phrases his posts, I do agree with much of what he says. I guess I'm a gentler soul & I've always worked on the basis that sugar is better than vinegar! After his first post or two, I wanted to hate him but how can you hate a guy who talks so much sense! Some of his stuff hit a nerve with me & I've been doing a little analysis of my gold making style. I realised that I am very risk averse so taking a gamble on flipping high cost items has never been my thing but in my safe little world, I've also not been buying much more than what I really need to craft stuff for the next day or two.

His post about stockpiling (or Just in Time crafting) made me realise that I have all this gold just sitting there & not really working for me - in keeping my 'costs' down, I actually wasn't investing in future profits either. It can be easy to get tunnel vision and just keep doing what works for you & that's what I think I've been doing.

So over the last week or two, I have been buying up raw materials like crazy. The cheap stuff has been there all along, I just didn't want to buy too much. Not anymore though! I am now the proud owner of almost 200 stacks of Exotic Leather, 150 stacks of Ghost Iron Ore & 60 stacks of Bolts of Windwool Cloth not to mention about 40 Ironpaw Tokens & 20 stacks each of Mushan Ribs, Raw Tiger Steak & Raw Crab Meat!

Now as stockpiling goes, I know that still isn't that much stuff but I'm working on it! With the leather at 17-25g, I can make Magnificent Hides for a cost of 63g by using the non-cooldown way (50 leather = 1 hide) & with Magnificent Hides selling during the week for 100g or more, I can still make a nice chunk of change without even crafting anything else! I am doing the daily Magnificent Hide cooldown too though - got to get those PvP patterns discovered after all!

The Ghost Iron Ore is fuelling my 2 transmute spec Alchemists for their daily Living Steel cooldown & I'm also prospecting stacks on my Jewelcrafter - making rings/necks to disenchant & keeping my daily discovery of new cuts going too.

The Windwool Cloth is fuelling my daily Imperial Silk craft & as I discover more PvP patterns, I'm making sure I craft those too. Unfortunately, whilst the leather/mail PvP gear is maintaining its price, the cloth PvP gear is dropping rapidly - some pieces are as low as 90g!

I'd forgotten how much of a buzz it can be to open my mailbox to 10k+ gold overnight. I've been poodling along since early last year really and it shows in my gold balance. I'm almost back to my 1 million gold balance & if the Amani Dragonhawk I bought to flip sells soon (negotiations are in progress!) then I'll be a happy camper once more.

I'm going to start doing my weekly 'What's Been Selling' posts again. I had a lot of positive comments on those & I think they can be helpful to kickstart your own ideas. I've got a lot to relearn over the next few weeks & a fair bit of exploring & testing some new markets so hopefully my posting frequency should return to normal service shortly!

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  1. Excellent post! I look forward to reading more. Keep smiling. :)


  2. I think Zerohour's bark is worse than his bite. ;D

    I may not have strayed from from my risk-averse gold-making ways but my regular ways of making gold (77-80 and 83-84) have been bringing in at least double the usual profits this last week or so.

    I blame Blizzard's free week of game time for lapsed players to see 5.3.

  3. @Jim I also blame players getting exalted with the Kirin Tor Offensive or the Horde Equivalent. Thus, leaving them more time to go back to leveling their alts or gearing up their twinks. Also, some players aren't knowlegeable about the 83-84 market and buy up the 85 greens upon hitting that level. Also, with the BoA items all going to 85, people are statistically less likely to put on the new gear for those slots until they reach 85.

    @Nev Glad to hear things are calming down for you! It's also nice to see that you're re evaluating your daily processes :) I think I spend too much time doing that though. I've yet to find my groove for this expansion, but I think I'm getting close.

  4. For a guy you would love to hate, and have now quoted twice, you certainly read and get his stuff. Apparently he likes you, too, since he put you in his blog roll.

    And yes, Jim, my bark is worse than my bite, what am I gonna do? Slap people? I want people to understand "the why" and think like a champion, not copy and paste what they see/read someone else doing purely for readership and I call it like I see it. I believe in mindset and discovery. I don't sell mediocrity, I sell winning.

    My tagline on the blog says it all, and I don't mind if people hate me or even read the blog, as long as they learn and evolve to the next level. I'm not selling anything, no ads, no guides, just critical thinking. Something the entire community has lacked for a very long time.

  5. I didn't say I would love to hate you! I said I wanted to hate you after that 1st post or two but I couldn't :) I link & quote where someone inspires a topic or where I think my readers can get great info & as some of your posts are making me think, I'm passing them on here too. You are a breath of fresh air to be sure, just as Stokpile was for me when I first started. I guess I'm turning into a fangirl! Thank you for adding me to your blogroll - I will admit I was a bit chuffed to get the ZH seal of approval :P

    1. Thank you for the kind words; believe it or not the Stok route was what I was aiming for with respect to my philosophy. Otherwise I'm known for being a troublemaker in my circles. There's more in store. >:)


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