Saturday 9 March 2013

What To Do With My Sunsong Ranch?

Sunsong Ranch

I can't believe it's been a month already but yup, it's that time again! This month's topic over at Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival is very timely given that Patch 5.2 has just landed & changed quite a few bits on the Tillers Farm.

What Are You Currently Doing With Your Sunsong Ranch / Ranches?
Are you growing crops to level cooking skills? Growing raw materials? Doing the Ironpaw Shuffle? Abandoned the farm all together?

If you've been reading a while, you may remember I did quite a few posts about the Farm & the Ironpaw Shuffle too. I even created a spreadsheet to share with you but what have I been doing since then? Well, to be perfectly honest, not as much as I could have!

I only have 1 farm with all 16 plots available and that is on my Leatherworking Paladin. She's been growing mainly Songbell Seeds to get a regular supply of Motes of Harmony whilst I've been leveling my Warrior & DK. I've been making some of the Epic gloves which use 6 Spirits of Harmony and as they can take a little while to sell, in between times, I've been making a selection of the 3 leg armours. They've all been selling but not very quickly & not in large numbers. The gold has been quite nice though - anywhere from 5-8k for the epics & usually around the 700-800g for the leg armors.

When I originally wrote about farming & it was all new & shiny, I started farms on 3 of my level 85's - just the basic farm but they were all planting vegetables that I needed for leveling my Cooking. Once I'd maxed all the Ways, I kind of forgot about those mini-farms. I'm not planning on leveling those alts for a while yet so I guess their farms will just sit there for now.

Just in the last week or so though, I have been doing the Tillers dailies on my Warrior & my DK - both now have 8 plot farms & should hit 12 plots each this weekend (unless I get sidetracked yet again!). My plan for these 2 farms is to provide Spirits of Harmony for the Blacksmith and a few Spirits for the JC to make the 2 pets then I'll swap the DK's farm to either Enigma Seeds (depending on Golden Lotus & flasks prices) or one of the other 'special' seeds depending on my raw materials requirements. I'll consider using the new Work Orders too although I'm not too worried about most of the reputations for these two alts.

I do love the new seed bags though! Planting 4 plots all at once is just so much easier and along with the Plough (that I eventually got around to buying!) it does make farming just a little less irritating. I still hate those damn birds though.

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  1. I am using my farm for Work Orders I am still working on rep, I am an eng/tailor so the only thing I am using SoH is to make that new mount as the economy isn't all that reliable.


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