Saturday, 19 January 2013

20 Days of Gold Making - Day 5

The burning question for day 5 of my 20 Days of Gold Making challenge is "Do you keep the same banker alt or do you change them up occasionally? Why?"

I guess the short answer to this one for me is yes, I swap them around but the why is a harder answer! My original banker was one of my alts that I wasn't playing very much but when I did start leveling her, I needed a new one. That was Nevyn (& hence Nev here) which is a character from a Katherine Kerr book & he was the founder of my bank guild too. I began to get known on the AH & found people undercutting me instantly so he had to go.

My banker for the last 18 months has been my baby warlock who, for some reason, I dislike playing. Not because she's a warlock but I just don't like her! That makes absolutely no sense really but I don't like the way she looks even though she is almost identical to my main. I've even transmogged her somewhat to see if that would help but it didn't.

So my level 1 gnome mage was born & moved to Stormwind after a few months in Ironforge. Now I don't know why & I have no real proof of this but I have a gut feeling that over those first few weeks, I sold stuff easily that my warlock had been trying to sell for ages! This isn't the first time I've felt that either.

To make things easier I have saved any Journeyman's Backpacks (14 slot) or Traveler's Backpacks (16 slot) so I don't have to keep buying or making Netherweave bags. These 2 bags aren't bind on equip so when I feel like changing my banker, I can just send them on to the new one. Yes, it does mean that my banker doesn't have the biggest bags but now that I no longer play the glyph market, bag space isn't such an issue.

The hardest part of having a bank guild is when you want to add an alt to it. You have to find a friend willing to join in order to recruit your new banker. I'm lucky in that I have several RealID friends on my server so I usually just bug one of them. If you don't know anyone though, it can be risky. You have to make the other person Guild Master & trust them not to steal everything as you can't promote one of your own alts to Guild Master (at least, I couldn't last time I tried).

Overall, changing bank alts works for me - I get fed up looking at same alt all the time & as I mentioned, I'm pretty sure I get a little sales boost when I start using a new one. Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon?


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  1. "My banker for the last 18 months has been my baby warlock who, for some reason, I dislike playing." Omfgbees is my lvl 5 human lock whom I hate playing BECAUSE she is a lock lol. She has been my banker alt for like 3 years almost with less than 7 days played in 3 years.

    1. after reading this comment I checked my main bank alt /played and it was ... 24 days :P

  2. I had a bank alt for a year but changed it because I didn't like the name. So I made a new gnome banker to run my alt bank :)


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