Saturday, 3 November 2012

Still Useful Farming Posts Recap

With everyone so focused on Mists of Pandaria dailies, leveling & raising new Pandaren alts, it's easy to forget that some of the old tried & tested items can still make good money on the Auction House. I thought I'd cheat a little today & just recap some of my old posts that I'm still finding useful on a regular basis especially as these items can be snatched up pretty cheaply at the moment.

All these items are on my snatch shopping list & I check them almost every time I'm in the Auction House. There are so many new alts being raised now that these items find their way to the Auction House by players who have no idea of their market price or their niche uses & who just want to make a few gold here & there. That's where the experience & time learning comes in handy for gold makers!
  • Essence of Air - used mainly for 2 enchants for Heirloom weapons and usually sell for 150 gold or more. There's a nice where to farm essence of air map in this post. I've seen these as low as 20 gold on my server recently. The enchants aren't selling for me at the moment but I know that they will sell once the shinyness has worn off Pandaria a bit!
  • Spider's Silk - I tested 3 farming areas in Where To Farm Spider's Silk post early last summer & it's still relevant. Spider's Silk is used for the Spidersilk Boots (rare quality) tailoring pattern & the Toughened Leather Gloves (rare quality) Leatherworking pattern, these items are steady sellers especially for low level PvP'ers. Spider's Silk is also used for the Spidersilk Drape but with the advent of heirloom capes, the market for this item dried up last year. I usually snatch Spider's Silk up for 3 gold or less whenever I see them but I have so many now, I've been selling a few at 25 gold each.
  • Essence of Water & Globe of Water - I started farming Globes of Water for the Mechanical Yeti pet when all the Battle Pet excitement started but I've stopped now - the pet market has changed completely & until it settles down, I'm just going to keep an eye on it. The Essence of Water however, I'm still snatching up whenever I can. Once other transmutes with cooldowns are no longer so profitable (thinking Living Steel at the moment), I will return to the Essence of Water to Essence of Air transmute. I started testing for the Farming Globe of Water post not knowing about the Water/Air transmute but when I picked up so many, I had to change the angle of the post to include where to farm Essence of Water too!
  • Large Fang - Oh how I hate these large fangs! I tried to find a place to farm Large Fangs but it was really painful so I've resorted to buying them whenever I see them on the Auction House. I've not even bothered to make the Barbaric Bracers as I can sell large fangs for 25 gold each, having bought them for 5 gold or less.
Are there any items like these that you farm regularly or would like to know where to farm them? I'm quite happy to go test areas out so let me know in the comments section :)

Image © Natalie Maynor under Creative Commons licence


  1. To be honest Nev, the margins are so small on old world items and the new content still so fresh providing a much more profitable market, I haven't really had the time or inclination to go farm up old stuff like this.

    Whilst it all adds up at the end of the day, even flipping on the AH for 20g here 30g there is fairly slow when you can pop up a crafted blacksmith item and sell for 300g profit in 30 mins.

    I think the old world mats market would have to be very server dependent and if you want to dabble, I'd be aiming for bottleneck mats (where you can get them) as they represent more realistic returns on your time investment.

    That said, if you can put these old world items on your shopping list and repost / manage with TSM, it would take a lot of the leg work out of managing such markets and in turn, might be moderately profitable.

    1. Mogram, I agree to a certain point as in no time or inclination to go farming but having them on a snatch/shopping list & just flipping or storing for later use takes almost no time at all. For newer goldmakers or players leveling monks or pandas through these areas, it's a nice reminder of the value of some of the stuff they will most likely be picking up.

      There seems to be quite a few people on my server willing to pay 25-30g for these items (obviously more for the essence of air)& I rarely get them back from a 48hr listing. Considering they could have cost me as little as 25s, it's all good in my books :)

  2. Although I don't think that it's an absolute bottleneck any longer (since the pre-MoP patch?) Goldthorn is still one of my best old world mats to pick up off the AH and re-post. I buy any Goldthorn on my server which is <7g per herb and re-post for 12g per herb. Even if I buy at my top line of 7g per herb that's still a 100g profit on a stack of 20. 12g per herb is pretty much the top rate on my server but it pretty much always sells at this price point. To my mind this is one of the key skills for gold-making in WoW - knowing your market pricing inside out. I still see Goldthorn undervalued all the time, often as low as 1g per herb - mana from heaven!

  3. Yup, Goldthorn is still one of my 'snatch cheap' items too & althugh it isn't really a bottleneck anymore, I'm not sure everyone has caught on to that yet! Fingers crossed it takes a while longer to sink in!


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