Friday, 9 November 2012

New Blogroll Additions & Guest Post Opportunities

New Blogs & Guest Post Opportunities
When I first started this gold blogging lark, I had no idea how much time & effort it would take to keep it going but I also had no idea how much fun it would be & how many new friends I would make. There were only a few 'big' gold blogs back then & when I got a mention or a response from them, it really made my day.

Now, I don't consider myself in their leagues but I do have an increasing number of visitors so I thought it would be nice to highlight some of the newer blogs I'm adding to my blogroll these days. The gold blogging community is expanding all the time and I would also include the goldmaking Livestreamers & Youtubers in that too - just because blogging tends to be written doesn't mean that the video/audio peeps have any less valid input.

So if you have time today or over the weekend, maybe go say hello to some of these lovely new blogs - I promise you, it will give them encouragement & maybe find you a whole new source of reading material :)

New Gold Blogs

  • First up is a very new blog from Matt a.k.a @mcKinnon81 called Arllan's AH Game - just a few posts for now but I enjoy his writing style & hope to see lots more from him over the coming months.
  • Next up is Xtreme - yay for another female gold blogger (@XtremeAHGuru)! She used to write for Goldgrubs (more about that later) but has branched out & has started her own blog, called The Xtreme Gold Blog. Just a few posts for now but again, I look forward to reading more.
  • I also found another female gold blogger (watch out guys, we're coming out of the woodwork!) but I have no name for her - the blog is called WoW Gold Girl & she writes beautifully detailed posts full of useful information.
  • Not quite so new but just ramping up a bit is WoW Tungsten written by @wowtungsten. Easy to read & well written, I always enjoy his posts.
  • Lastly Auction House on Farm, written by Dealmaker has been going since May but was a bit quiet over the summer & appears to be on a roll recently. Another well written, informative blog that I enjoy reading whenever a new post is published.

Guest Posting Opportunities

Now maybe you have a topic you have some opinions about or a subject you think you have something to contribute to but you don't feel that starting a blog is for you. Luckily for you, many gold bloggers welcome an email to discuss a guest post - I am certainly open to hosting a post for you especially if it's something I haven't already covered!

I'm easy to contact too - you can find me on Twitter @NevAHAddict or email me at - drop me a message or an email & we can discuss your idea further.

Now I also mentioned Goldgrubs earlier - I used to contribute there & if I get an idea for a more basic level post, I'll be sending more posts over there too. It's run by Cold from Cold's Gold factory and his idea was to form a teaching type environment, hence the name Goldgrub's Goblin Academy. With previous contributors such as Wes from Capped by Cata, Rewt from the Hearthcast podcast, myself & of course Cold too, if you submit a post there, you will be in good company. You can contact Cold via Twitter @ssmith0911 or via email on the Contact Us page.

Other New Gold Making Stuff

Lastly I want to mention a new subbreddit, moderated by Cold & Eric from The Golden Crusade called /Goblinism - quite a few regular bloggers are publishing their links there so it's a nice easy way to find information.

It looks as though the main /WoW reddit is also forming it's own goldmaking subbreddit in direct competition with /Goblinism & /Wowgoldmaking. I have no idea why but we'll just have to wait & see how that works out!


So there you have it - all sorts of new stuff & places to check out - just in case you haven't got quite enough dailies to do in Mists of Pandaria! Oh and I almost forgot to mention my new blog! I'm branching out a little into non-gold making areas of WoW so if you're feeling a bit curious as to how I spend my time when I'm not making gold, pop over to She Rides Dragons and come say hello - I don't bite, I promise!

Have you started a new Gold Blog recently? Let me know & I'll add you to my blogroll & maybe feature you if I do another post like this in the future.

image © so_tabulous under Creative Commons licence


  1. Thank you for the props and recognition Nev :) I look forward to reading more of your blogs as well and contributing more to the WOW community :)

    1. You're very welcome hon :) I always enjoyed your Goldsgrubs posts so it's great to see you in your own space now xx

  2. Thanks. I added them to my feed. I wouldn't mind if you would keep us updated on new gold blogs regularly :)

    1. Thank you Thomas - I hope you enjoy them as much as I do :) I'll definitely do more posts like this over time - maybe not that regular but as I find a few new ones, for sure.

  3. Thanks Nev for mentioning my Blog


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