Monday, 6 August 2012

Weekly Sales Update - 5th August 2012

Amani Dragonhawk - part of my spending spree recently
I've had another crazy busy week so my attempts to ramp up my goldmaking have rather come unstuck! I've managed to maintain a nice flow of gold from glyphs but I do have some stiff competition there now so with my random & infrequent posting times, I'm keeping them on their toes at least!

My best seller this week as far as gold amount goes is the Enchant Weapon - Agility enchant. I sold one or two recently for over 1300 gold each but someone seems determined to bring the price back down under the 1000 gold mark. I'm using Essence of Water with a cost of maybe 15 gold max, transmuted into Essence of Air so to be honest, anything over 200 gold is pure profit but we won't tell everyone that will we? lol

I also managed to snatch up a bunch of Savage Leather & Heavy Savage Leather which I converted into Pristine Hides. Yes, the old 'convert it up' trick still works - if you watch your prices! I still have a fair amount in my mailbox - I didn't want to convert it all at once, just in case prices or demand changed. I like that flexibility of choosing at what stage I want to sell my part processed stuff rather than crafting it all up to Pristine Hides then not being able to sell them.

With all the talk of pet battles up & coming, I made up a few Pet Bomblings & Mechanical Squirrels - both are selling ok, slow but steady. Cheap materials & reasonable prices make for some nice extra income. My warlock is now level 50 so I need to push her on a bit further - I want the Mechanical Yeti from Winterspring!

My overall gold balance only increased about 18000 gold this week - I've bought a lot of herbs as the whiptail & cinderbloom prices are starting to come down a bit. I've been managing to get maybe 20-30 stacks a day under 50 gold a stack & now have a guild bank tab full of inks. I still have a long way to go & I'm hoping prices will continue to drop a bit further too.

What's in store for this upcoming week - more busy real life stuff unfortunately - mostly good stuff but it will slow down my blogging, playing & gold making. I still need to make a stab at a to-do list & try to prioritise things more - limited playtime makes that even more necessary now but I keep getting sidetracked! Oh look! Shinies!

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