Wednesday, 14 September 2011

BOO! Guess Who's Back?

Lazy Summer Days © Nev 2007
Yup, I finally surfaced from my dungeons & battlegrounds long enough to realise how long it's been since I posted here. As I said in my last post, I'm loving my Hunter! Why it took me over a year to actually get her levelled is beyond me but I am so happy that I got there eventually.

So I guess I should give you guys an update of my summer gold making although to be very honest, it's been more of a summer of gold spending. Once I hit my 1 million gold, every bone in my body decided to rebel & make me start spending rather than being the miser I had been whilst trying to reach my target. I thought I'd list the stuff I know I bought

4x JP boots - 2.5k

So that's at least 152k without any smaller bits like pets and levelling professions but even without really trying, I've managed to keep my gold balance around the 930k mark. Regular readers will know I lost my MySales data just a day or two after I hit my goal, so I thought I'd show a screenshot of what's been selling since. It shows just about 2months of data now.

I stopped glyphing almost straightaway - the few that show up on MySales are the remnants of stock & I slowed down on the cut rare gems too. Mostly I've been doing a lot of questing at all different levels (my new shaman is now 55 & my forgotten Druid just hit 62) so I've been selling all the drops & mats that you normally pick up.

On 1st September, I did have a massive tidy up & craft session - trying to clear down my bank junk & bags. I had a fair few Cataclysm enchanting mats stashed so I made up a whole bunch of high level scrolls - not a market I am very familiar with but I did get some nice profits. I also returned to the glyph market & cut rare gem market - glyphs have really slowed down over the summer, it seems but the gems are still selling fairly well.

I now have alchemy & tailoring maxed on my Hunter so I have double transmute & dreamcloth cooldowns available. My Hunter is about the only alt I have capable of getting Chaos Orbs so perhaps I should have put something other than Tailoring on her but hey ho! We'll see how this goes for now.

So that's been my summer, slow & relaxed on the gold making front but absolutely manic on the questing/levelling/dungeoning front but you know what? I think I needed it.

I have a few ideas lined up for regular post slots here & I've changed my day to Tuesday over at Goldgrubs (it's tough writing when hubby's home!). There's another project in the works which I think is launching this weekend. Gimp over at GimpsGold is organising a Golden Circle - you'll have to wait a few more days to find out more but I think it has great potential for all of us, bloggers & readers alike, so stay tuned!

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