Monday, 15 August 2011

Hello & Goodbye (slightly off topic)

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Hellooooo! I was very surprised this morning to see that it has been almost 2 weeks since I last posted. Time really flies when you're levelling 2 alts & finally experiencing the Cataclysm heroic dungeons! I got my hunter to 85, an alt that was born during last summers' huge guild drama as an escape has finally made it to level cap. I already have 4 level 85's but although I'm an ok player ability wise & a good player attitude wise, I've never really managed to get good dps numbers out of them.

My hunter has changed all that & having the gold reserves that I do, I was able to buy the Lava Bolt Crossbow, Witch-Hunter's Harvester & the JP boots for her the day she dinged. I also - like any good goldmaker - had the mats in stock for the Corded Viper Belt & some Justice Points saved up so I could get my first JP piece. Add the Thrall questline cloak & the initial Firelands vendor piece & I was off to my first heroic Cataclysm dungeon the same afternoon!

Now that may be quite normal for many of you but I've actually only completed 2 heroics on any of my girls up til now & two of my four 85's aren't even geared enough to try so for me, personally, this was a major step forward. So far, since Thursday, I've now done 6 or 7 heroics on my hunter & her dps numbers have given me the confidence to try HC's on my healer too. I'm still a little way off being able to do the Zandalari dungeons but that's my next target.

I know many goldmakers manage to raid/do Heroics etc whilst making gold but for me, it's one or the other for now. That's just the way my brain works. At the moment, it's full of stat priorities, rep grinds/rewards & reading everything I can find to help my performance. I 'm still doing some gem selling to fund my daily costs but as far as gold making goes, that's about it.

Having said that, I'm not quitting this blog. I fully intend to come back to some proper gold making soon but rather than just disappear for a month or more, I wanted to let my readers know.

So for now, my plan is to resume serious gold making & blogging about it in early September. I'll still be posting on my regular Wednesday slot over at Goldgrub's & I can't break the habit of reading all the new posts each day from the other gold blogs on my blogroll. If you have any gold making questions or just want to chat, I am still checking my email & twitter regularly as well as the comments here so I'm not far away.

Anyway, I've waffled on long enough, so I want to thank all my commenters & readers who've kept me going this long & I wish you all happy goldmaking for the rest of the summer. Take care & I'll catch y'all soon



  1. Good Luck!

    While I haven't hit 1,000,000 like you (500,000 range) I am a bit tired of the gold grind and speed leveling my warrior to 85. Items on the buy list are:


    Firebound Gorget
    Theck's Emberseal
    Elementium Stormshield

    To be Purchased:

    Ubreakable Guardian or Obsidium Cleaver
    Scales of Life (maybe)
    VP Bracers
    Chest. - ice bone Hauberek maybe
    JP Boots
    Crossfire Carbine

    JP Items:


    I plan to have 4,000 JP and 4,000 honor points to convert to justice when I hit 85....will see how it goes. All price dependent of course.

  2. A simple and great starting place for stats, though not the end of any discussion is a good starting place for anything in the stats category, or at least a really good place to start discusion, and faster than reading 90 pages of posts in EJ... You dont get the knowledge transfer of why the numbers are what they are, or when they do or dont apply, but its a great starting point...

    My experience has been similar in that I only do one or the other, though for different reasons it sounds like. For me its a time issue, not a capicity issue. However, at one point it very much was a capacity issue. The more you raid, and level and run w/ end game e-sport competitors the more you pick up on all things good... then its just gets easier and easier to play another class or spec, since its only a shuffle of what your stats should be... much like enchanting vs. gems IMO.. both are similar, but once you have learned to play at one game the other is very much more of the same IMO...

    Side note... JS hunter bar addon... A random pug tank in the LFD told me to get it, they were a good tank so I gave them great credit for the advice offered and wrote it down... NICE... I love it... It is one of those great addons, it just works, I dont know if it has settings to play with since I have never needed to do anything other than restart the game after installing... Its one of those confidence building addons and is good good stuff...

    Pretty soon you will be the Bethtilac encounter solo artist of phase 1 spiderlings... Have fun man... its often a grind, you might as well distract yourself, and enjoy playing a toon you leveled.

  3. I've found blogging breaks a great way to stave off burn out and fading interest. Writing about something your interested in at the time can be exciting and highly enjoyable. Writing about someone you're burned out on or just not interested in at the moment can be the exact opposite.


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