Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Weekly Sales Update

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It's been another lazy, slow week at the AH for me - I've been levelling my hunter with a guildie (or should I say, trying to keep up) & I finally got my 1 year old warrior to level 80. I have made a little more effort with rare gems this week but the whole sense of urgency to cancel/relist multiple times a day has definitely gone on vacation!

Having said that, almost 25k income is pretty good, I think. I've done a little prospecting as my Inferno Ruby & Ember Topaz stocks have almost disappeared & I even had to transmute some Nightstones to get more Demonseyes!

The meta gem cuts have leapt up in price this week so I made some more of those with my alchemist & cleared down a few stacks of the uncommon gems in the process. This was probably a good thing as it made space in my banks - I picked up around 250 stacks of Elementium Ore this week at around 35-39g a stack.

Why did I buy all that? Well, the price for Elementium Ore has been fairly steady at 65g or more so I wanted to clear the cheap stuff off the AH before everyone decided that was the price to list at! By trying to keep the price high-ish, I'm hoping my gem competition will have smaller profit margins and/or be eating into their stockpiles.

This is a bit of a new direction for me - I used to only buy what I knew I could process quickly but I was subject to the same price fluctuations as everyone else. This way, I know I have cheap ore that I can prospect, smelt & use in Blacksmith stuff or turn around & sell at the higher price! As you can see below - I did sell 50 stacks & pretty much doubled my money on them too.

Other odd bits from my sales data shows that I finally managed to sell my first ever top end enchant - Windwalk for 1551g - disappointing but still a small profit. The prices for maelstrom crystals have dropped to around the 100g mark so the prices of these enchants have dropped too & I've had this scroll listed for almost 3 weeks. I don't think I'll be making many more of these, that's for sure!

The rest of my top sellers are mainly rare gems as I would expect - I've completely left the glyph market other than a few stragglers still to sell. Other stuff that has been selling regularly includes the Rich Purple Shirts (78g each), Mechanical Squirrel Boxes (35g each) & Pet Bomblings (135g each).

With all the levelling I've been doing, I've also picked up a fair few bits & pieces to sell - chilled meat, rhino meat, frostweave cloth, green quality armour as well as lower level cloth like wool & silk from one of my lowbie alts.

One thing I did do this week was to clear the AH of a lot of very low level green armour & weapons - why? Well, Khalior did a great series of posts this last week or so about how a social member of raiding guild can contribute & make a bit of money too (although that's not the main point of it). The one I picked up on, was the Guild achievement for disenchanting items. I set my buyout price at 1g per item & have been checking sporadically for items to disenchant. Not only is the achievement counter climbing nicely but as he points out, I am making a bit of gold at it too & hopefully, by buying the low level crafted items, I am helping build gold for new players just levelling their first professions!

So that's my week - lots of actually playing out in the world & a bit of AH'ing. I still feel a little 'lost' & directionless but I needed the break. This coming week, I'm hoping to get my hunter or warrior to 85 (maybe both, who knows!) & start running some dungeons with them.

I also have most of the herbs needed to level a second alchemist which will be my Hunter so it will be interesting to see how the levelling products sell. I'll be taking notes as usual & reporting back here eventually!


  1. I have been spending more time out in the game world lately, but have still been making a killing. I got around 300 stacks of elementium for under 40 gold a stack and prospected it all. I havent seen any stacks since then under 55 gold a stack. I have been averaging around 20-25k a day in profit so far this week.

    Beside selling piles of gems, I have been selling a crap ton of enchants and belt buckles.

    Outside of the AH, I have been leveling my now 82 DK, 81 Hunter, 71 Shaman, and now 28 priest (was like level 18 yesterday).

  2. Good idea about working on the DE achieve. (Also I miss you. Let's chat soon.)


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