Thursday, 14 July 2011

Not A Happy Bunny! A Cautionary Tale

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I'm going slightly off topic in that todays' post is not really about making gold but it is important for all you hard working goldmakers out there, especially if you have a large goal (1 million gold etc) & want to get your name in lights over at WarcraftEcon.

As you may know if you read my blog post earlier this week, I hit my target of 1 million gold & was all set to start writing my Warcraftecon interview. One of the things I really wanted to do was to analyse the MySales data for the last 5 months or so, however, when I finally sat down & went looking for the mysales.lua file, it had only 15 entries in it, covering about 16hrs of sales. After a few minutes of panic, I realised that my PC had crashed the night before (18hrs ago) & I can only assume that somehow, my file was lost forever.

I know most of my gold has come from glyphs but also a lot came from rare cut gems & a lot from miscellaneous stuff like Chocolate Cookies, Greater Eternal Essences & pvp crafted items. Unfortunately, I have no idea whatsoever of percentages so my interview is going to be very light on hard facts :-(

So I thought I would pop a link here to an excellent post over at the Consortium forums, written by Stede. It's mainly about tidying up your data so you can read/analyse it more easily but I would suggest that you copy your data file to your desktop regularly, even if you don't want to analyse it that often.

Just for easy access, the pathway to your MySales.lua file is as follows if you followed the normal/standard installation procedure for WoW.

C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\your account name\SavedVariables\mysales.lua

COPY this file to somewhere safe on your system, don't move it - that will mess everything up!

You don't have to do anything with it unless you want to but by copying it regularly, you won't lose all those sales details that you've been working so hard at & it will be there when you need it.

Then you won't end up with a face like my little friend up there!

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  1. If you're using Win7, make a backup of your file, then right-click on the original file in file explorer and select "Restore previous versions".

    It is also a good idea to setup Windows Backup. If you're using Win7 Pro and above, you can backup to a network location (highly recommended).


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