Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Anyone Fancy A Lowbie Gold Challenge?

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Just a quick post today to let you guys know that I'm doing a little experiment (yes, another one!) and thought some of you might like to try it yourselves. I've started a little alt on a fresh server & I'm going to see how much gold I can make with a maximum of 4 hours played time.

For the moment, I've only levelled her to lvl 5 in order to get a few silvers for my first auction fees so I haven't quite decided what angle I'm going to try. I may start a little army of alts & try different things once this one is done.

So you wanna join me? The rules I've made for myself are pretty basic
  • no DK's allowed (not everyone can make one yet)
  • no other alts already on the server
  • no help from any friends on new server
  • no heirlooms
  • maximum of 4 hours played time
  • any race/class/profession combo allowed (except DK!)
I figured the main rush of 4.2 is pretty much over & as I'm not setting a deadline, 4 hours across a week or so is not that much. It will also give any budding goldmakers out there a chance to test themselves against the more experienced & perhaps remind some of the more experienced goldmakers of some of the little tricks they've forgotten.

If you fancy it, just go ahead & do it then at 4hrs played time (do /played if you're not sure on the timer) do a screen shot with the played time showing in chat & your bags open so we can see your gold total. Find somewhere to host the screenshot & pop the link in a comment here.

I'll try & get mine done by Friday this week & post an update here to give you something to aim for (ha! as if I'm gonna win, lol)

So let's see who stands out from the crowd with this one :)


  1. Sounds like fun. You're on. :D

  2. Can you use some of your 4 hours to pop onto the server a few times to scan the AH?

  3. @Reptyler - woo hoo, I got me a challenger! lol, have fun hon :)

    @Anon - ofc! you can use your 4 hrs pretty much as you see fit. It will all count towards your 4hrs so whether you want to farm for 3 hrs & AH for 1 or AH for all of it or whatever else you decide to try, it's pretty much up to you :)

  4. Is signing guild charters for startup capital allowed or does that count as help from new friends on server?

  5. @Thomas - I reckon that's a valid way to make starting capital :) It's something that any of us can do so I think it would be fair enough :)

  6. this is like trying to get top notch restaurant chef's to see who can make the best macaroni and cheese...

  7. @Director lol, yup, I guess that's a pretty good analogy! But on the other hand, I tend to get a fair few emails from less experienced peeps so it's just a bit of fun to hone some skills & maybe get newer peeps thinking more goblinish.

  8. I tried this out a while ago and found JC/Mining to be a real killer :)

    Think I managed to get about 1000g in a few hours making low level jewelry and purchasing cheap ore and smelting/prospecting them. Selling them all took a bit longer though. Starting money I obtained from mining.

    Could have made even more if I was high enough level to learn more stuff. :/

    Another nice one would be Herbalist/Alchemist, focusing on Swifthistle and Swiftness Potions. Not a super fast seller but they sell for very high prices. Obtaining the recipe requires a hour or two of farming though.

  9. Ok I will give it a try, but I will post the results on my blog :P


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