Friday, 10 January 2014

Journal of Marcus Ty Podcast - Episode 21 with The Godmother

For our first show of 2014, we invited the Godmother to join us to talk about her time in game and how she's accidentally accrued a stash of gold! If you haven't come across her on twitter (@alternativechat) or her blog Alt:ernative Chat, you should probably go say hello and have a read. She's opinionated for sure but she does have some great posts & ideas too and I have to say I fangirl'd a bit at the start of the show! I think I even made her blush a little too :)

We had a few technical issues but once we got those sorted out, Marcus started grilling the Godmother on her time and life in game over the last 9-10 years. For me as a Wrath baby, it was great to hear some of their early WoW stories.

Then we got onto the goldmaking and both Marcus and I offered some tips and advice to how the Godmother could improve her gold making in game whilst not really trying too hard. If you're a veteran player just getting into gold making, maybe some of our advice will suit you too.

If you have any questions or topics you'd like us to cover, do get in touch with either myself or Marcus, we don't bite, honestly! We'd love to hear from you and of course, if you like us enough, we'd love some iTunes reviews or Stitcher thumbs ups too!

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Show Notes
  • Welcome to the Pig and Whistle.
  • Godmother orders a large one.
  • Ten years of accidental gold making
  • Gold making hints and tips for veteran Warcraft players

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